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Remember the old Jim Carrey – BBC

US box office: Jim Carrey and the Farrelly brothers are back to the debut and it has paid off, “Interstellar” lost weekend cartoon, “Behind the Scenes” tells the story of what the singer also love, and “disappeared” celebrates the first prize.

In the early 90′s, Jim Carrey was a relatively well-known comedian, with his show on TV and occasional shootings in supporting roles. However, the Farrelly brothers and especially no choice: comedy “Dumb and Dumber” was their debut in directing and budget picture was small (only $ 17 million). In general, the stars were wrong: Farrelly got a successful start (the film grossed nearly $ 250 million and was warmly received by critics), and Carrie’s career, this tape has played a significant role. Then and directors, and the actor was a good decade, so good, that shot in the beginning of zero prequel to the “stupid” has passed without their participation. All the while, they sometimes worked together – and now, after several years spent not very visible, Farrelly and Carrie came together again, removing a continuation of the painting in 1994.

Behind its first weekend from 14 to 16 November, “Dumb and Dumber 2″ earned in theaters in North America $ 38 million, showing the best result among the Farrelly films.

In the new film aged Lloyd (character Carrie ), spending many years in a mental hospital, goes on the road again with the aged Harry (Jeff Daniels) to help him find her daughter and new adventures. The original tape at one time was able to gather at the start of only $ 16 million – the truth, and then tickets were cheaper, and the production costs are calculated quite differently. Budget sequel grew exactly two and a half times ($ 40 million), and to achieve the same effect, which produced 20 years ago the first film will have to continue to earn, earn and earn; but it is already clear – cooperation Carrie and the Farrelly brothers have not yet exhausted themselves, especially if they use the old, well-tested jokes. Domestic viewers can watch the film in the New Year holidays, in Russia “Dumb and Dumber 2″ goes to rent January 1, 2015.

A fantastic film by Christopher Nolan “Interstellar” somehow not in a hurry to become a blockbuster, despite suitable, space, theme and large ($ 165 million) budget. The picture is not even able to hold the second place in the American box office, which got her up on Friday.

Over the weekend, “Interstellar” earned $ 29.2 million, and became only the third .

The general duties of the film while also grieve producers – only $ 233.3 million worldwide, and until full recoupment must earn approximately the same number (if you consider the money spent on advertising) .

The second place conquered Disney movie “City of Heroes”, earning $ 36 million weekend.

A total revenue of the tape worldwide is much lower than that of “Interstellar” – only $ 148.3 million (at almost the same budget).

The fourth was the musical melodrama “Behind the Scenes”, which earned $ 6.5 million in relatively wide (1.7 thousand. theaters) box office. This picture is about aspiring singer (played by young British actress Gugu Mbata Row), which can not withstand the load of glory and tries to commit suicide. From the death of a police officer rescues her (Nate Parker), who is trying to become a politician, and they have to figure out whether or not their love of ruined careers. The film is a low-budget, though the musical numbers removed from the scale (its production cost just $ 7 million), so that he can pay off, but earn a lot – hardly. “Behind the scenes” to hire participated in several American festivals, and in Russia it is not yet planning to show.

Once again, could not fly from the top five David Fincher’s thriller “disappeared” .

Over the weekend, the picture has earned $ 4.6 million, with a margin which was enough for fifth place. General duties of the “disappeared” are very impressive – $ 318.8 million (with a budget of $ 61 million), critics praised the picture (88% positive reviews on Rotten Tomatoes), but it still expects several nominations for “Oscar” and other film awards, which have already soon will announce short-lists. And this week the “disappeared” received the first prize, becoming the best film of the year according to Hollywood Awards.


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