Sunday, November 23, 2014

Mockingjay makes cash – BBC

Box office USA: The third film in the series “The Hunger Games” has earned a lot more other films rolled sequel “Crass and Dumber” could not hold the lead unexpected, “City of Heroes” and “Interstellar “retained their positions, and” disappeared “continues to surprise.

An epic about the Hunger Games, arranged on the ruins of our world totalitarian capitol forced participation of twelve subjugated districts, was launched in the autumn of 2012 – one year after completion of a decade “Harry Potter” and a few months before the release of the final Twilight movie. Start a new franchise, designed for adolescents, but this time made in the genre of dystopian, came out successful – the first film at the box office earned about $ 700 million; The second part, subtitled “Catching Fire,” published in 2013 – another $ 865 million. A screen adaptation of the third book of the trilogy by Susan Collins (“Mockingjay”), divided into two parts, it seems, will continue the fine tradition of high earnings “Hunger Games ».

Over the weekend 21-23 November picture of” The Hunger Games: Mockingjay. Part 1 “became a box-office leader in North America, and its revenue was $ 123 million.

The previous films in the series” The Hunger Games “started, of course, more confident: the first part has earned for the first weekend of $ 152.5 million, the second – $ 158 million. But the reduction in fees occurred only in the US box office, the rest of the world first “Mockingjay” proved to be as good as its predecessor; and then – a picture of criticism is not that praise, but not particularly abused (67% positive reviews against 75% in the second part), starring still Jennifer Lawrence and Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and by Philip Seymour Hoffman and Woody Harrelson joined Julianne Moore (she plays the 13th president of District). Fans of the series was still a lot of – well, now total revenue ribbon is $ 275 million, and its budget (on both sides of it has been spent 250 million) already paid for it.

The competitors in the North American box office at “Jay -peresmeshnitsy: Part 1 “actually was not. Biopic of the famous physicist, “Stephen Hawking’s Universe” was released only 150 copies, grossed $ 1.5 million weekend and finished in tenth place. Could not compete with the new “Hunger Games” and the leader of last weekend.

comedy “Dumb and Dumber 2″, the sequel to the 1994 film, with Jim Carrey and Jeff Daniels in usual roles earned $ 13.8 million weekend and took fourth place.

The general gathering pictures now total $ 70.7 million (of which only 13 million – outside the US), and its 35 millionth budget is already paid for. However, until the results of the original film (charges worldwide – $ 247 million in US box office – $ 127 million) is still very far away, and not the fact that they will be able to at least repeat, but the old guard was able to show that even on something -What is capable of.

The second place kept the Disney cartoon “City of Heroes”, earned in the last weekend of $ 20 million; total fees 165 millionth tape now total $ 185 million.

A movie by Christopher Nolan “Interstellar” with a budget (the same as the “City of Heroes”) is already largely understood. His fees for three weeks rental reached $ 346.5 million, and now he works off an advertising campaign (and, most likely, will work).

This weekend “Interstellar” too retained in the ranking, the remaining third, and his fees for the weekend amounted to $ 15.1 million.

Thriller David Fincher’s “disappeared” for several weeks in a row on the verge of relegation from the top 5 – and still can not take a step beyond. Over the weekend the picture has earned just $ 2.8 million, but their was enough for fifth place; just the other films have grossed less. Producers also “disappeared” can be happy all at once: this movie is one of the obvious contenders for the “Oscar”, his highly praised by critics, and the world’s fees amounted to $ 327.7 million – with only 60 million budget.


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