Saturday, March 14, 2015

Valentin Rasputin died: his funeral in Irkutsk in the Smolensk Cemetery next to his wife and daughter – TVNZ

Died Valentin Rasputin. He died on the eve of his 78th birthday. The day before, when the world learned of the serious illness of a great writer, millions of his fans around the world who appreciate the talent of the author “Farewell to the mothers” and “French Lessons”, praying for his recovery. Alas. His family knew that save Valentin, who was dying of cancer, it is impossible. And react to the inevitable with Christian humility.

-Valentina G. buried in Irkutsk, next to his wife and daughter – said the writer’s son, Sergey Rasputin.

In Moscow, at the bedside of the dying was his confessor of Prince Vladimir temple Irkutsk. He was involved in his Orthodox tradition. Great writer, conscience of the Russian land, passed away, knowing that did for his country, all he could.

Shortly before Valentin Rasputin fell into a coma, classics reported that on the eve of his 78- anniversary in Moscow, and then in his native Irkutsk present Videobook “Farewell to the mother,” where its pages read by hundreds of people, known and unknown to the general public at all, note that Valentin was expensive especially …

Valentin Rasputin buried, according to his will and the decision of his family, in the Smolensk Cemetery, where lie the remains of his wife Svetlana, left in May 2012, and daughter Maria, who died in a plane crash A-310 July 9, 2006. Their loss became unbearable pain for Valentin and largely reduced his days.


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