Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Loza: I just repeated on the Rolling Stones that they are spoken around the world – TVNZ

The American music producer, who worked with Led Zeppelin and The Rolling Stones, Jimmy Douglas may be agreed with the words of George Vine, if he had them transferred correctly. This opinion was expressed by the author netlenki “small raft” in the air of the radio “Komsomolskaya Pravda».

«If he knew what it was about, he would have never said a word. The fact that he was given, you do not know. And in what form he was given? For example, if it is passed in the form in which it is done here these zhurnalyugi incorrect, then this one song. Another thing is that when he was told that actually said Loza, it is another story “-. Said Loza

Recall that in March in Zahara program broadcast Prilepina «Sol” author and performer of songs Yuri Loza criticized Led Zeppelin and the Rolling Stones for poor muzyku.On said that listening to The Rolling Stones is not possible, because guitarist Keith Richards nenastroena guitar and lead singer Mick Jagger misses in the notes when singing.

as the vine said he expressed no opinion on your original Professor -prigodnosti Mick Jagger, but merely repeated what what they say about the British and the whole rock band in the world

«I repeated the phrase of Michael Jackson , which said.” I have no idea, this guy became a star, he did not hit any of the music. ” It’s a conversation about Michael Jackson Mick Jagger. When Keith Richards said a hundred times that he had not set up the guitar, he otmvetil: “She’s upset about it as much as I need it.” What did I say wrong? “- Surprised the Russian singer

Yuri Loza said that you first need to understand what gave Jimmy Douglas, since any information can turn out and serve as someone benefits

«Remember, as in a cartoon about Mowgli. When it was necessary to Kaa picked up and ate all banderlogov, came and said that “he called himself an earth worm” -. Led analogy musician

By the way, the vine is not against the act with Mick Jagger, transmits radio “Moscow speaking”. The Russian believes that the Briton will not prevent a PR.

«I suggested already, if not layatsya, it may well take a shot. I would say, to earn good money and do more PR campaign. Because here it will be great if he would sing a verse of the “flesh”, it will be funny, and cool, and it’s great. And I would sing Satisfaction », – said the singer

He said that evaluates this opportunity, as a professional, but to take the initiative does not intend

« They want it, they have, let them.. go. I sit here, I do all right, they are also self-sufficient. Those people who are interested in it, and let them communicate. The producers, who can be considered forward-looking benefits, a hundred times already would contact “, – he said in an interview with

Earlier it was reported that Jimmy Dugrlas, allowed himself to disagree with the position of George Vine, and then asked,”. Who is mister Loza? How old is he? »(Who is Mr. Loza? How old is he?).


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