Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Hunting for “Becky”: Beyonce fans looking for a lover Jay-Z hints through the new songs – Woman.ru – online for women

Recently, Beyonce introduced her fans a new visual album Lemonade. Record only saw the light, and has done a lot of noise. The fact is that the dramatic texts of some new songs prompted admirers 34-year-old pop diva on sad thoughts: it seemed to them that the artist alludes to the serious problems in the relationship with her husband, 45-year-old rapper Jay-Z. In particular, the song Sorry singer mentions a certain “Becky” -razluchnitsu. Fans immediately rushed to search for the alleged mistress producer and musician. Who fell under the sight of angry fans

Something that so many fans have been waiting for Beyonce: artist released a new album. However, not all fans of pop queen of her new CD called positive emotions. The reason is that the new songs celebrities were very mixed. In his texts, the singer touches deeply intimate topics, including – adultery. That this issue is devoted to the beauty song called Sorry

At the end of the songs sound the words:. “I looked at the clock, he should be at home / Today I regret that put a ring / He wants me only when I’m not around / It is better to call Becky with a beautiful hair. ” Hearing these lines, the fans came to the conclusion that Beyonce hints at infidelity of her husband Jay-Z. But who, then, is the same Becky who seduced the rapper and producer?

Members of the fan club pop diva set out to calculate the insidious razluchnitsa and started a real investigation. Already there were the first version. Someone thinks that Beyonce sang a 42-year-old Rachel Roy, which has already been suspected in connection with the musician. But most of the followers of the actress believes that the lover Jay-Z – British singer Rita Ora, who in 2008 signed a contract with record label producer Roc Nation.

25-year-old blonde itself added fuel to the fire, laid out in the application Snapchat short video, which appeared in a transparent bra with print in the form of lemon and a gold chain with a pendant «J» on the neck. Internet users have decided that drawing on underwear Rita – is an allegory to the name of the new album, Beyonce, Lemonade, and the decoration on the celebrity neck – a reference to the first letter in the name of Jay-Z

Is this true -. Remains only guess. Maybe soon she Ora decides to comment on the situation, or Beyonce overtake her and simply explain the mysterious meaning of his dramatic songs.


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