Friday, April 22, 2016

The number of victims of the earthquake in Ecuador exceeded 600 people – Sight

The victims of a powerful earthquake in Ecuador have become 602 people, local media reported

According to media reports, 130 people missing, more than 12 thousand -.. Injuries of varying degree gravity, reports TASS.

April 16 earthquake of magnitude 7.8, which has become the strongest in Ecuador since 1979. Tremors were recorded at 23.58 in the UTC time (02.58 MSK).

According to the head of state Rafael Correa, the incident became the country “the greatest tragedy in the last 67 years.”

A number of countries in the region, including Bolivia, Colombia and Venezuela, in Ecuador have already sent rescuers and humanitarian aid.

According to the Russian diplomatic mission, Russian citizens among the victims and the victims of the earthquake in Ecuador there.


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