Wednesday, April 27, 2016

General Staff: Russian air force since the beginning of operations in Syria has destroyed nearly 30 thousand goals – TASS

MOSCOW, April 27th. / TASS /. Russian aircraft in the months that have passed since the start of operations in Syria, destroyed about 29 thousand objects.

Such data led head of the Main Operations Directorate of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation Sergey Rudskoy.

“Almost seven months of fighting, aircraft VKS Russia made more than 9500 sorties, struck about 29 thousand objects of terrorists “, – said Rudskoy on the 5th Moscow international security conference

The general reminded that Russia actively. applied long-range aircraft, committing about 180 sorties. In addition, to carry out “massive launches of cruise missiles, air and sea-based … on a range of up to 1500 kilometers,” added Rudskoy.

According to him, during the operation killed more than 200 production facilities, processing and pumping oil, controlled by terrorists. “Destroyed more than 200 objects of oil production, processing and transfer of fuel, which are in controlled by terrorist groups in Syria, as well as over 2 thousand means of delivery of petroleum products”, – said Rudskoy

Civilians were not affected

<. p> He said that no strike has not led to the destruction of civilian objects, or civilian casualties.

according to him, the Russian military thwarted “numerous attempts to provoke militant attacks on civilian targets.” “According to the terrorist destruction of the civilian population was to discredit the VKS Russia, cause a negative reaction of the international community and force the Russian leadership to stop the fight with terrorist groups in Syria,” – said General

He said that the Ministry of Defence while constantly. faced with “stuffing information” and “groundless accusations”.

The situation in Syria

Rudskoy noted that a large part of the territory of the Syrian provinces of Damascus, Hama and Homs already liberated from the terrorists.

“Illegal militias forced out of Latakia. The coastal areas of the province in which concentrated a large population of Syria, completely exempt from the terrorists. Restored road links between Damascus and Aleppo. Release Kvayres air base, is completely surrounded terrorists more than three years in central Syria from the illegal armed groups cleared most of the province of Hama, Homs and Damascus “-. Rudskoy General told

He also said that the Syrian military released Palmyra and Al-Qaryatayn, which is the most important. reference point, providing a secure communication between the north and the south of Syria.

in general, according to the Russian general Staff, “as a result of strikes of the Russian aircraft repeatedly dropped the combat potential terrorist groups, they have lost the initiative and refused to conduct offensive operations” . “This has allowed the Syrian government forces to seize the strategic initiative and go on the offensive on all fronts As a result of active operations forces of the Syrian Arab Republic have released some 500 settlements in the area of ​​10 thousand square kilometers.” – Reminded Rudskoy.

Russia has begun operation in Syria, 30 September 2015, acting at the request of the Syrian President Bashar al-Assad. In mid-March, the bulk of the Russian aircraft was withdrawn from Syria, but the military continued to strike at terrorist groups.

Syrian conflict and the basic steps to resolve it


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