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Cameron removes just four continuation of “Avatar” – SoftSraze: actual and objectively


After the 2009 film “Avatar” has acquired status as the most successful film in the world rolled stories , its creator, director James Cameron announces two sequels picture. Over time, the two ribbons turned into three, and we now know that the franchise will consist of five parts at once. “Avatar 2″ will be released in 2018.

«We wanted to create a truly epic saga that will develop the ideas of the first part and surpass it in all aspects. For several years I have been working with high-writers on the development of the universe: new characters, creatures, worlds and cultures. Over time, we realized that we are faced with constraints, and we need more films to fully implement all the ideas, “- he said Cameron was at the launch of Fox Studios in the framework convention CinemaCon

The updated schedule of releases is as follows. way:

«Avatar 2″ – the end of 2018;
«Avatar 3″ – the end of 2020;
«Avatar 4″ – the end of 2022;
«Avatar 5. “- end of 2023

The global box office hits with Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana starring occurs in 2154, when humanity produces valuable mineral anobtanium on Pandora, an inhabited satellite gas planet in the star system Alpha Centauri. On a plot of resource corporation threatens the existence of a local tribe of humanoid sentient beings Na’vi. The name of the film -. The name of the genetically engineered bodies hybrids Na’vi people and used a team of researchers to study the planet and the interaction with the native inhabitants of Pandora
«The last few years I have worked with a team of four of the best writers of the world, which designed the world “Avatar”, which should go forward: we have created characters, creatures, environment “, – admitted the director, adding that he and his colleagues intend to create” the greatest show on Earth »

James Cameron said. that “Avatar” is created specifically for viewing on the big screen once again and opposed the initiative The Screening Room, offering the ability to watch movies at home for $ 50 on the day of the premiere.
original “Avatar” earned a worldwide box 2.78 billion. In second place on the list of highest-grossing films in history is “Titanic” Cameron’s all the same to 2.18 billion box office.

It was reported earlier that the Mongolian television suspected the creators of “Avatar” in plagiarism.
> on the other hand, work on the first “Avatar” lasted for 15 years – since 1994, when the first draft of the script, until 2009, when he still appeared in the office

And the first sentence was written. named by Cameron, too, I was very optimistic – he was going to start painting right after “Titanic” and release it in 1999. But, as is now clear, was mistaken for a dozen years.

The reason for the delay of “Avatar” was named the imperfection of the then computer technology. Since then they have gone a long way ahead, but Cameron still dissatisfied with them and invest in their development a lot of money. He has both supporters – two grossing director Peter Jackson ( “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”) and George Lucas ( “Star Wars”), who also tried to surprise the viewer using a variety of technical innovations and special effects. Which of the new developments will in future “Avatar” is still unknown

one thing remained constant in this hectic -. Cast. In the first “Avatar” starring Sam Worthington (paralyzed Marine Jake Sully), Sigourney Weaver (the head of the program “Avatar” Dr. Grace Augustine) and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri Pandora native). They should appear in the sequels – despite the fact that the character, played by Weaver, died. His Cameron has repeatedly promised to revive, however, we all know the value of his promises

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