Monday, April 25, 2016

The series “on tour” starts on NTV channel – BBC

Vladimir (Maxim Averin) and Michael (Alexey Vorobyov) Sabaneeva live in Tambov and keep a small restaurant “for the”. The new mayor of the city decides to take their property and sends thugs – to deal with the owners in the style of the 90s. Brothers win in the shootout, but now they have to run – and they run through the Belarusian-Lithuanian border with forged documents to the name Sabonis to get to Sweden and be summarized in the distant and sunny Brazil

In Lithuania it. We have to stay. The head of police of a small town (Arnis Litsitis) decides to test newly minted immigrants who do not know a word in Lithuanian, takes their passports, and the brothers themselves lodges in Nijole (Xenia Kutepov), alone raising a son. Sabaneeva-Sabonis gradually understand the psychology of the locals – Michael regularly merges into history with the girls (as the selection – beautiful women), and Vladimir least regularly pulls it out of another scrape, and at the same time helps the hostess. However, Tambov Mayor has not calmed down – and here Lithuanian lads are requested to look after Russian and Brazil sent a man who knows languages ​​(Alexander Bashirov)

NTV channel begins criminal. series “on tour”, created by the producer Sergei Zhigunov center -. the story of the interaction of Russian mobsters and peaceful Balts

However, the genre of the film is best described as a comedy – a fighter it can only be attributed gloomy eyeballs throughout history, led to the end of the two brothers to become inhospitable homeland. However, Tambov, seems to have appeared in the series only to the main characters could periodically trumps known proverb about Gdańsk wolf and mate, and writers as the starting point of the route can select any region of Russia and, in principle, not too tell a lie .

With the final (or intermediate, if we consider unattainable Brazil) point of the route Sabaneeva all brothers much more interesting.

Despite the fact that small town, which suddenly find themselves stuck Vova and Misha, can be localized precisely enough (one of the workers ‘touring’ names – “Palanga”), its real location is still hidden behind the fog of fiction and seems to extend to the entire Baltic. Moreover, the Baltic states are not real, and created the most common stereotypes that are commonly attributed to its inhabitants, not particularly distinguished Lithuanians from Latvians and Latvian -. Of Estonian

The result was quite a nice mixture actually the biblical paradise on earth, which can be briefly described as a country not frightened of the Baltic states.

There’s no one at no one is attacking, even gangsters are trying to comply with traffic regulations, forest roam wild animals, girl beautiful, people are happy and trusting, but the most terrible crime is stealing two bottles of vodka from the local shop, to investigate who throw the best forces in the face of law enforcement police Romanauskasa (Sergey Peregoudov). He honestly spends the night in ambush, wisely ignoring clear evidence of guilt and the outcome is pushed around a visiting guest performers. And living in the neighborhood with the guests from Tambov Thomas (Sergey Umanov), the morning after a joint Misha drinking alcohol, having heard about the theft, is to give up by putting the empty bottle in a sealed plastic bag – all police convenience sake

True. in this kingdom of Denmark (to which, incidentally, is only 500 km by sea) is not all right – and Romanauskas not so simple, and the lads are found who are always ready to shoot (well, in the air) and rob a bank, and the wise-old the police chief may still have its say, because hardly his role be confined to the role of an apartment broker – not the scale

the cast of the series are generally pretty strong -. it busy including foreigners honored Soviet cinema Ivars Kalnins and Lembit Ulfsak.

In principle, the “touring” can be seen as a movie inspired by the TV series “Fizruk”. Averin character no less brutal than the hero Dmitry Nagiyev, and played a former contestant of “Eurovision-2011″ Misha profitable emphasizes the strengths of his on-screen brother and completely took over the carefree fun contented life. And they have a place to turn – the main characters, who are in the complex relationship with the law given to the looting is not a free-standing school, and the whole country – even a little bit invented. The school and the gym teacher, however, is there too.


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