Saturday, April 16, 2016

Goal Smolova helped “Krasnodar” beat “Terek” and ahead of “Zenith” in the Premier League – Russian Newspaper

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Photo: Vitaly Timko / RIA Novosti

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On Saturday afternoon match of the 24th round of Russian Premier League “Terek” Grozny lost to FC “Krasnodar” – 0: 1 (0: 1). The decisive goal had the striker Kuban Fedor resins, caught up in the race scorers with 13 balls Spartacus ProMes. This victory allowed the “bulls” come out in third place in the championship, ahead of “Zenith”.


It turned out that the “blind” calendar, without knowing it, most football fans presented Saturday. One day to sort things out in the classroom confrontations had almost all the leaders of the tournament.


We started promising to turn into a spectacular show act “Terek” and “Krasnodar”. Then, the upcoming release of the Metropolitan railway arena, “Locomotive” and CSKA. A complete day battle between the “Zenith” and “Spartacus.” Note, this is the first of six teams from the Group of Seven ( “growth” on Sunday to speak at a party against the “Kuban”).

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And it is difficult to imagine how it will look standings today at about 21.20, when the end game in St. Petersburg. It is possible some of the hungry of gold and a place in the Champions League (CSKA, “Zenith” and “Locomotive”), or who want to get a pass to the Europa League ( “Krasnodar”, “Terek” and “Spartacus”) will be forgiven tonight with their dreams until the next season.


“Terek” (Grozny) – “Krasnodar” – 0: 1 (0: 1)


Goal: resin, 44 – at the “Krasnodar”


“Terek”: Pliev, Adilson, Mohammadi (Lebedenco, 82), Aïssata Semenov, Ivanov Kuziaev (Rodolfo, 85), Pires (Grozav, 70), Rybus, Mitrishev.


“Krasnodar”: Stanislav Kritsyuk, Kaleshin (Markov, 15), Sigurdsson, Granqvist, Petrov, Kabore, Akhmedov, Pereira, Mamaev, Padbyarozkin (Ari, 35, Gasinski, 83) resin.


Judge: Egorov (Saransk), Danchenko (Ufa), Lunev (Novosibirsk)


April 16th. Terrible. “Achmat Arena” .


In the last round of “bulls” magically played at home with the “Ural” (6: 0, and even poker Fedor Smolova), Grozny unexpectedly stumbled on a visit to the outsider “Ufa (0: 1). And the coach,” Terek “Rashid Rakhimov made just four changes in the starting lineup, and his colleague, Oleg Kononov returned to base just skipped the previous match due to a suspension defender Kaleshin (although already in the debut due to injury, he was replaced by the Markov).


And in the 35th minute of the guests had to make another emergency replacement: instead of damage received Padbyarozkin left Ari. As a result, Kuban had to seriously rearrange the lines.

 And it all happened at constant attacking thrusts the home team that looked exclusively charged to fight on every area of ​​the field. What seems to be even a little enraged Stanislav Kritsyuk – goalkeeper “Krasnodar” was a little nervous at the outputs, and once, knocking the ball from the free kick, hit the Aïssata, and almost arranged the ball into his own net


But the guests, who are not particularly familiar only to defend themselves, gradually began to organize counterattacks. In one of them Sigurdsson almost hit his head on the gate, “Terek” after a corner, and my mother could well score when broke through on the right in another’s keeper.


And here is the best scorer of the “bulls” Smolov not missed his chance: getting on the verge of offside fantastic pass from Mamaev, it is clear from the penalty struck by the policeman – 0: 1, 44 minutes. This is the 13th ball Fedor in the championship, and the Russian national team striker caught up in the race scorers Spartacus ProMes.


After the break, “Terek” went forward almost all the staff, trying to win back as soon as possible (by the way, the team from the capital of Chechnya in this championship home is not inferior to anyone else). Their manager Ivanov began to organize a combination of attack after attack. “Bulls” took the defensive, giving Stanislav Kritsyuk write yourself a great recovery after stroke Kuzyaeva close range (goalkeeper hardly moved the ball to the corner).


The pressure grew all but reach the shock position Grozny did not succeed. Finally, on 72 minutes, Rybus, seemingly sure of hitting the center of the penalty area, but the defenseman Markov stood in the way of the ball.


Still, the guests, although great difficulty (in stoppage time in a controversial situation in the penalty guests referee took their side), but still managed to fight back and win the most important victory for himself. After this Victoria “Krasnodar” is gaining 53 points and is in third place in the championship, pushing a line below the St. Petersburg “Zenith”.



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