Tuesday, April 26, 2016

New album Beyonce «Lemonade» – BBC

Beyonce knows how to surprise. Three years ago, she quite suddenly released a new untitled album, which she asked to consider the visual, because each song a separate expensive video was filmed with him. All the work – from writing to shooting – was conducted in absolute secrecy, which today seems almost unattainable. The new album, entitled «Lemonade» came out in a similar way – the truth, some time ago Beyoncé yet for seed produced video for the song «Formation»

However, the move was not so much. announcement as injection suspense: no data that follow this single, the singer did not let

The premiere of the film «Lemonade» took place on HBO on Saturday night and was one of the main prime. season – along with a new season of “Game of thrones.” Actually, what was shown on TV, this is, obviously, what I wanted to say Beyonce to the fullest form – audiovariant album produces a slightly different impression. Despite the formal absence of plot, the video version «Lemonade» produces whole quite an impression, it is not a collection of clips and full benefit Beyoncé dedicated to the place of women in general and women in particular, dark-skinned in the modern world. The film is divided into several chapters – “Intuition”, “Denial”, “Apathy”, “emptiness” and “Resurrection”. A bunch of musical numbers in addition to the visual interludes are the verses of the young Kenyan poet Varsan Shire dedicated to love and change

In fact, at first it seems that the final film will be in the best case, an application for divorce, and at worst -. Beating singer wife – rap mogul Jay-Z. Beyonce takes quite a dashing start – hit the car with a baseball bat ( «Hold Up»), screaming voice, Jack White, throws a wedding ring in the camera ( «Do not Hurt Yourself») and says that it for all it is absolutely not ashamed ( «Sorry “). In the background are dancing fervent flames. However, the story pretty quickly makes almost imperceptible turn and talk about private adultery is supplemented with quotations known African-American human rights activist Malcolm X (echo Ferguson here all sounds rather hollow), memories of childhood, reconciliation shots Beyonce and Jay-Z and many others. At the same time what is happening on the screen is crystal clear.

Singer talks about quite simple things like: the strength and independence not imply aggression, pride and arrogance – not the same thing, emancipation does not mean rejection of female nature – and even vice versa

at first the audience admired the abundance of African-American women in the frame -. from Serena Williams to grandmother Jay-Z, but on the album besides Beyonce sing in mostly men, and there is no contradiction. Closer to the final singer almost by Shakespeare, it comes to the fact that the strength of a woman that is considered to be a weakness – the ability to forgive, to accept. When closer to the final character appears in a scene with her husband, there is no concession

Here, by the way, it would be necessary to stop and take a step back to understand that. If it was limited only by the content, «Lemonade» was I would be no more than just amusing feminist gesture. However, it is really an outstanding pop album – various, inventive and hit. In contrast to his eternal rival Rihanna Beyoncé does not need to prove anything, and show, «Lemonade» – is a completely mature work, a performer who knows their (considerable, to put it mildly) the resources and know how to use them properly

<. span class="idea"> actually, it is the artistic consistency makes this work truly outstanding.

As usual with great pop albums, «Lemonade» team of authors includes a couple dozen items, but for once -What are the main forever really is the singer, whose name is rendered on the cover. She thought of all this, it is – the man who made that record intact sociocultural (sorry) statement. And in this situation it is not so important whether the Jay-Z Beyonce changed (although, apparently, yes). Singer turned personal tragedy is not simply an act of art, a universal sentence. After all, if life throws you lemons, then anyone (regardless of gender, age, location and color) would be nice to learn how to make lemonade.


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