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Bolshoi Theatre failed to resolve the problem of gerontological – News


One of the most popular operas of world repertoire at the Bolshoi Theatre was set twice – in 1850 and in the years 1872 and both times by the Italian company. The current show gathered an international team – the Italian bel canto all nations obedient. But mostly, “Don Pasquale” forces made young artists Bolshoi Theater, for which Donizetti – “Tales of olden times.” Hence, apparently, and the director’s need to maximize modernize irrelevant content

-. I have sought to ensure that the story was no longer an abstract theatrical joke, and the characters look like today’s people, – he said, introducing the play, directed by Timothy Kulyabin.

And he succeeded – for a single misstep. But it fit as many as the protagonist. Don Pasquale in the original libretto was an old bachelor (during those forty Donizetti bon vivant can be considered), and at Kulyabina became honorable professor enters the eighth decade.

Obviously, the figure is 70, decorating decoration, has a special significance for the young creators of the play. People of this age seem to them very old, which is not something that the family set up, but also the relative straightness posture can not save.

In China, 70 – during the upcoming maturity, and the New Stage of the Bolshoi Theater – the time of this weakness. The hero (Giovanni Furlanetto) crouching back, trembling limbs, and a constant need to grab the heart. In this state, marry and give birth to six children, how he dreamed difficult. But apparently, the authors wanted to emphasize a mismatch of needs and opportunities.

However, the old man in a young voice completely, freshness which guest star is not going to hide. However, to play on this contrast – the hero is not as old as it seems – the authors in no hurry. Don Pasquale bred for money and selfish hamovatye households. Through intriguing doctor (Igor Golovatenco) and his sister, adventurous widow (Venus Gimadeeva), professor suddenly loses half of the state.

The hero-lover Ernesto, according to the libretto, is also in the plot, but in a new production out of business. The owner of the flight tenor Celso Albelo in terms of acting, as they say, no. It would be simpler to burn it to audio and include appropriate moments – the effect of the presence (or rather, lack of it) would not hurt.

Donizetti, as was customary, was created on the stream, but the quality of melody and orchestration, no doubt, piece work. And musicologists favorite metaphor about the southern sun in the Italian music is quite out of place. It’s a shame that the orchestra conducted by Mikhail Clausen just sun and not enough.

And more. Do not afraid to leave the music and the audience alone. Sometimes it seems that rezhiser set out to create a more scenic bustle. To listening to the overture, the audience was not bored, hung screen and shows a film about the hero of the day life. On the stage is constantly present not singing characters: repairing something, fit, wear and carry. But honestly – the play would not have lost, to restrict the whole “organic” scenery and props.

The more that the decoration of the old university made with an understanding of style, and the falling curtain and blooming flower beds in the room a delight. A similar feeling, however, initiate and kabareshnye mare and half-naked girls with saxophones, but it’s a matter of taste. He is a bad director, who is not naughty in his youth

«Don Pasquale” by Gaetano Donizetti opera, the Bolshoi Theatre, 2016 Music Director -. Michal Clausen. Director – Timothy Kulyabin. Set Design – Oleg Golovko. Costume – Galya Solodovnikova. Lighting Designer – Denis sun. Forthcoming performances – 21, April 22.

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