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“Miss Russia-2016″ Jan Dobrovol’skaya: Task girls – be smart! – TVNZ

Each year, Russian organize this prestigious show, but it is impossible to guess the one who will be the winner. Almost always, the competition overshadows the scandal, but as a rule, after the name of the winner is called. That the Russians will consider the jury’s choice is not the most worthy, then packed into a queen-flag dress, etc. But “Miss Russia-2016» buzz around the contestants raised before the finals.

Recall that for the first time among the 50 contenders for the crown of the most widely reported the North Caucasus. In the contest came one participant from the Dagestan , Karachaevo Cherkessia and North Ossetia . Their countrymen extremely pleased that the girls were photographed in bathing suits, in other words, were bare, which contradicts the culture and traditions of the peoples of these regions.

The administration has decided to show attention to the harassment of girls in social networks do not pay. But the situation could affect the results of the beauties of participation in the contest. Perhaps Caucasian participants have not been in the “Top 12″ in part because, that it was decided not to escalate burning around the situation.

Three main beauties of the contest “Miss Russia-2016″ – Julia Khoroshavina from Kirov, Jan Dobrovol’skaya from Tyumen and Julian Korol’kova from Orenburg Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

hopefully, once this scandal finished, the new will arise.

By the way, 30 contestants from 50 dropped out of the race immediately after entering the scene. The fact that 20 of the people who will be fighting for the crown, selected Internet users on the site of “Miss Russia” contest. A further 8 member cut off during the broadcast of the show on the same network by voting through a SMS . So it’s not different than this national competition will not name. And 12 girls had to assess the jury. Judge beauties invited restaurateur Arkady Novikov , gymnast Laysan Utiasheva, Joseph Producer Prigogine , and two of the most beautiful girls of the universe and the world Oksana Fedorov and Ksenia Sukhinova.

and the three most beautiful girls in the country to hear their names in the final show. The third place went to kirovchanke Julia Horoshavin, the second stage from Julianna Korolkova of the Orenburg region, took first place Tyumenka Ian Dobrovol’skaya .

At low start # missrussia2016 # missrossiya2016 Photo: dobrovolskaya.yd

And it was her beautiful head full year will decorate the most expensive in the world crown at the expense of beauty contests in the $ 1 million.

Jan also relies prize of 3 million rubles and a new car. But the main thing – a trip to the contest “Miss World” and “Miss Universe»

What is known about the new “Miss Russia” Jan Dobrovolskaya

Recognized beauty.? 18 years old, she is a student. Its height is 174 cm, the parameters of 85-62-88 figure. Favorite Book Yana – “The Master and Margarita” by Mikhail Bulgakov . She is proud to be performed at the opening of the Winter Olympics in Sochi . It is no coincidence, because she has a bit of the candidate for master of sports in dancing. Dobrovol’skaya – champion Europe and silver medalist in sport dancing world. And to get to the “Miss Russia”, where the minimum height 173 cm participating, she had to literally grow. Jan did not have pair of centimeters and she learned techniques on a daily basis was hanging on the bar, ate carrot cheese to grow to the cherished 173-x. We her out. And, as we see, is not in vain.

The promised piece of video from the contest of talents! dobrovolskaya.yd

Immediately after winning the competition this amazing girl gave a short interview, which told a little about yourself:

– Crown is not heavy, drop was not scary

-? It is very firmly held in my fleece

-! The excitement was

– I slept today and today hardly worried. Just enjoy the moment, I was ready for any outcome, but believe in the victory. But I’m a little shocked

-. What do you plan to do next

-? I want to meet with their loved ones, who had not seen a month, they are here in the room . And I really want to hug them, tell them: “Thank you.” And then go to the girls together to celebrate the completion of the competition.

Jana also relies prize of 3 million rubles and a new car. But the main thing – a trip to the contest “Miss World” and “Miss Universe» Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN

– What is your dream

-? is worthy to bear the crown. This is the most important thing – everything else is secondary

-. Tell me about yourself? You are a student

-? Yes, I’m in my second year of college of culture and arts of the city Tyumen on the teacher and choreographer. 12 years engaged in ballroom dancing and plan to pass on their experience to bear his children and bring the Champions

-. Do I need a beautiful girl to be more intellectually savvy

? – It is fundamental. This is paramount. Be smart, be interesting, to interest, intrigue. It is the task of the girl. And it should be intellectual development

-. As personal life

-? Everything is fine, but I have personal lives leave personal

– what is the secret of your beauty

-? I think it’s genetics and sports

a variety of readers of “Komsomolskaya Pravda” with the jury opinion is traditionally not. coincided. Most of the audience of our website KP.RU recognized the country’s most beautiful girl student from Ulyanovsk . 19-year-old Talia Aybedullina has a height is 176 cm, its parameters are 79-59-90. Her favorite book is “Ten Little Indians”, as a hobby – choreography, diving, traveling, crafts, singing in the choir, organizing charity concerts. She studies at the journalist and also works as a teacher in the dance school.

Most of the audience of our website KP.RU recognized the most beautiful girl student country from Ulyanovsk Photo: Vladimir VELENGURIN


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