Tuesday, April 12, 2016

UNESCO unanimously approved the proposal of the Russian decision on Palmyra – RIA Novosti

PARIS, April 12 -. RIA Novosti, Viktor Ivanov The proposed Russian draft decision “UNESCO’s role in ensuring the protection and conservation of Palmyra and other Syrian cultural heritage” was unanimously approved at the 199th session of the Executive Board of UNESCO, reports RIA Novosti.

Co-authors of the document were made by nearly 40 UNESCO Member states.


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“Viewed consensus draft decisions of the Executive Board has a great symbolic and practical significance. The symbolism is that by adopting the decision by consensus, we have shown unanimous solidarity with the people of the Syrian Arab Republic, suffering from the war. From a practical point of view, strongly condemning the intentional destruction of cultural heritage, we express our willingness to join forces and means for the restoration and preservation of Palmyra and other Syrian World Heritage sites, “- said Russia’s permanent representative to UNESCO Eleonora Mitrofanova, introducing the draft document

. Commenting on the outcome of the vote, Mitrofanov said, was “very pleased that the work culminated in the unanimous adoption of the resolution we have proposed,” calling it a “great victory”.

“Our leadership in this matter due to the reduction of Palmyra. The fact that this resolution was passed in a broader context – a text is a consensus, he took into account the interests of the whole Syrian World Heritage sites. Therefore, countries are joined, even those who have a completely different view of the Syrian conflict “, – said the permanent representative

The fact that the Russian delegation, introduced the 199 th session of the draft document, it became known last Friday session of the Executive.. Board of UNESCO opened in Paris on 4 April and will last until April 15.

Palmyra, ancient ruins which are one of the six UNESCO World heritage sites in Syria, under the control of a terrorist group “Islamic state” (IG, banned in RF) from mid-May 2015. The Syrian army and fighters of the militia “Falcons desert” recently completely liberated the city from the IG militants destroyed there are a number of ancient monuments.

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