Sunday, April 24, 2016

She passed away three-time winner of the “Oscar” for Best Special Effects Kit West – RIA “VistaNews”

Yesterday, the 81-year life died Keith West – one of the best masters of Hollywood special effects. West three times, became the owner of the most prestigious film awards – the “Oscars”

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As reported by the publication The Hollywood Reporter, the West has died at his home in London. He left his mark on film history as one of the founders of the adventure epic about Indiana Jones and the space saga “Star Wars”.

His career Keith West began in England as assistant trainee operator in the British company Realist Film Unit , which specialized in the study of documentary films for the government and the military. Then, in the biography of West appears two-year service in the army, where he received a good amount of knowledge in pyrotechnics. With this knowledge a young professional got an assistant master of special effects Woods Bowie, who worked on such famous paintings as “Dracula” (1955), “Casino Royale” (1967) and others.

 Passed away three-time winner of the & quot; Oscar & quot; for the best special effects Keith West

West began then “solo” career and became one of the most sought-after specialists in their field. He has collaborated with Woody Allen ( “Love and Death”, 1975), David Lynch ( “Dune”, 1984), Steven Spielberg ( “Empire of the Sun”, 1987) and many other world-renowned directors. The track list of West’s work on the painting “Universal Soldier,” “Enemy at the Gates” and “The Bourne Supremacy,” “Doom” and dozens of other blockbusters. In “Stargate” the master of special effects even starred in a cameo role. And in the sixth episode of “Star Wars”, he personally controlled all the robots, including R2-D2, for which he was awarded the BAFTA Award

“Oscar” Keith West was for the best special effects in the film “Indiana Jones. Finding of the lost ark “(director – Steven Spielberg),” Young Sherlock Holmes “(Barry Levison) and” Heart of the dragon “(Rob Cohen)



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