Tuesday, April 12, 2016

Terminally ill actor Albert Filozova legal wife refused to take home – Rosbalt.RU

 Journalists found out the details of the care of a famous actor Albert Filozova. As reported by “MK”, ​​the actor did not die in his apartment, and the apartment’s son from a previous marriage, who had not spoken for years.

«In general, his illness developed quickly. Five years ago, he once came to me and said, “I have a terrible state, I would probably die.” – “Die wait, we will show you different doctors.” It so happened that I had at the same time the pope died, and I knew well the doctors, in particular, the famous Andrei Meshcheryakov, and he undertook to treat it – is quite powerful. At the end of treatment, he said: “Everything is now only checked regularly.” Albert Leonidovich went to check in Germany and there the doctors hands only lit: “Listen, your Russian doctors have perfectly cured. Now only checked every year. ” Well, he did not go anywhere. And about three weeks ago, he said to me again: “I och-h-ry feel bad, it’s hard,” – says the artistic director of the school “School of Modern Play” Joseph Raihelgauz

 terminally ill actor was discharged from the hospital, but the third wife Natalia Filozova Stotskaya refused to take home. As it found out the publication, as a result of the theater called Filozova son – Andrew. With him the actor did not speak, but his former family immediately agreed to accept it.

 Meanwhile, the legal wife of the actor, as described in the theater, the actor is now engaged in registration of wills on the house in Zhavoronki.

 Albert Filozov died April 11 after a serious illness of cancer. He was 78 years old.

 Filozov – a native of Sverdlovsk, in 1959 he graduated from the school-studio of the Moscow Art Theatre, then worked as an actor of the Moscow theater. KS Stanislavsky Theatre. Yermolova taught at VGIK. Since 1989, together with Armen Dzhigarhanyanom he directs acting workshop. In 1983 he was awarded the title of Honored Artist of the RSFSR.

 Albert Filozov starred in over 80 films, including “Tehran-43″, “Mary Poppins, Goodbye!”, “In August 44th».


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