Friday, April 22, 2016

Romania will not participate in the “Eurovision-2016″ for the money – BBC

The European Broadcasting Union (EBU, EBU) announced that Romania will not be able to participate in the song contest “Eurovision-2016″ due to a monetary debt. Debt Romanian broadcaster Televiziunea Română (TVR) of 16 million Swiss francs (about € 14.5 mn), which had accumulated over ten years. The ban on participation in the tender is that the Romanian television could not broadcast the contest, and the Romanian audience -. To give their votes to the friendly and not-so countries

Also EBU decision means that the singer Ovidiu Anton, who won the national selection, will not be able to perform in Stockholm.

For a musician it is certainly a huge shock. For 33-year-old Anton is the fifth attempt to get at the “Eurovision” – the first he made another in 2010 with his band Pasager; the remaining four times he tried to solo. This year he won in the semi-finals on March 4, which scored 54 points (at the runner-up was 47), and in the final on March 6 – here its lead over the competition was even more impressive

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The musician had to come up with «Moment of Silence» song in the second semi-final . May 12

«I try to smile and not very upset … but this is unfair – Ovidiu wrote in his blog. – I’m staying the same, absolutely the same artist, the same fighter that won, according to the jury and the audience at the national final. But now, this is the paradox, I have to admit defeat ».

TVR announced the participation of his country in the competition in 2016 as early as last September, held a national selection (it cost about € 120 thousand.), Paid the application (126 thous.), has a clip for this song was filmed, and Swedish TV crew did a postcard representing the party.

But about a week ago EBU has warned Romania that the debt is too high and should be urgently repay. This Romanian broadcaster tried to solve the problem – a part of the debt has been paid before, but this was not enough maturity, and EBU has taken a tough stance. According to European broadcasters, the Romanian authorities should take part in the fate of the channel; Channel itself drew attention, that if the decision is against Romania will be taken, it will not be able to show not only the “Eurovision”, but also, for example, the European Football Championship and the Olympic Games.

Nevertheless, until April 21 – the deadline for implementation of EBU requirements – debt repaid was not, and the union has decided to Romania denied access to « Eurovision »

European broadcasters themselves are not enthusiastic. on developments

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«it is regrettable that we are forced to take these measures – are the words on the website of the contest EBU Director General Ingrid Deltenr. – We are disappointed that all our efforts to solve this issue did not receive a reply from the Romanian Government »

She noted that the EBU -. Non-profit association, and debt TVR negative impact on the financial the stability of the European broadcasting Union.

the Romanian authorities still hope to fix something (today scheduled a joint meeting of representatives of TVR and the country’s Ministry of Finance), but it is hardly possible. Speech Ovidiu Anton is already excluded from the schedule of the second semi-final; the order of the participants from other countries remained unchanged. It should be noted that Romania has never won the “Eurovision”, and the best result the country has made in 2010, when Paula Seling and Ovi Martin took third place.

The contest “Eurovision-2016″ will be held in Stockholm. The two semi-finals will be held May 10 and 12 and the final – on Saturday, May 16. Russia at the contest is singer Sergei Lazarev – he will perform in the first semi-final with the song «You Are the Only One». According to the bookmakers, that he will win – bet on it is far lower than in the rest of the



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