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“Supporters of the” Right Sector “tried to organize a coup in Russia,” – Kommersant

Prosecutor General of Russia Yuri Chaika will perform April 27 in the Federation Council (FC) with an annual report devoted to law and order in the country. The report, which was received in SF, reported on the work of the Attorney General to prevent external threats and to identify violations of internal character. According to the supervisory authority, the supporters of Ukrainian radical organization “Right Sector” (banned in Russia) had planned to organize a coup in Russia. Mr Chaika also reports that the size of the actual wage arrears in Russia is much higher than the official data, the safety of passenger transport is in critical condition and vital medicines almost half of the regions are sold at inflated prices.

About the threat from Ukraine

Supporters of radical Ukrainian organization “Right sector” (banned in Russia) tried to organize riots to commit coup d’etat in Russia, according to the Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika report. “Block access to pages in the social network” VKontakte “, by which the” Right Sector “supporters of Ukrainian nationalist groups have attempted organization of mass riots and unauthorized public stocks with the aim of committing a coup in the Russian Federation”, – quotes “RIA Novosti” an excerpt from the report prosecutor general.

According to Mr Chaika, prosecutors together with the FMS, the Interior Ministry and FSB of Russia were not allowed entry to the Russian radical people from the Ukraine. According to him, the problem of migration in 2015 worsened due to the incessant influx of citizens of Ukraine: “In 2015, across the state border of the Russian Federation in the Rostov region has driven more than 4 million citizens of Ukraine. Today in Russia there are more than 2.6 million citizens of Ukraine. »

About the terrorist offenses

in Russia, in 2015 the number of terrorism-related crimes increased by 36.3%, according to Yury Chaika in the report:” The increase in their numbers is primarily due to increase to 1008 (+ 28.1%) revealed evidence of participation in illegal armed formations (Art. 208 of the Criminal Code), whose share in the structure of terrorist crimes is 65,5%. »

However, the 75.8% reduction in the number of crimes under Art. 205 of the Criminal Code (a terroristic act). “Two criminal cases on the fact of posting on the Internet statements threatening the citizens of the Russian Federation committed in the territory of the Moscow terrorist attacks with chemical weapons, six cases on the fact of preparation to commit a terrorist act, as well as crimes under earlier initiated criminal cases, the events of the past years “, – stated in the report

According to the Attorney General, 156 militants were eliminated in 2015, including 36 leaders, headed the” Caucasus Emirate “, 20. of the 26 leaders of bandit groups, sworn terrorist organization “Islamic state” (IG; banned in Russia).

Pro sanctions products

Attorney General, the report says that the sanctions for more than seven tons of products were destroyed last year. It notes, however, that the results of inspections in Russia was revealed widespread sale of prohibited products. According to Yuri Chaika, it was due to improper performance of the customs authorities to control the functions. “In almost all regions of Russia in retail chains, grocery stores, markets and websites freely implemented meat products, fish, nuts, fruits and vegetables and dairy products produced in the US, EU, Canada, Australia, Norway”, – stated . The report

Attorney General cited the failure to comply with product embargoes: in Moscow retail chains more than 16 tonnes of beef imported with forged veterinary certificates have been processed into sausages, and in Vladimir the area was illegally imported more than 10 tons of salmon from Sweden and Denmark.

About corruption

Yuri Chaika reported that more than 600 officials were prosecuted for corruption in 2015. “In the past year for corruption crimes to the criminal charges were brought against 651 official bodies of federal executive authorities, more than 1 thousand officials of the executive authorities of the Russian Federation, more than 400 officials of local self-government.”, – Stated in the report

About the non-payment of salaries

the actual size of the debt on wages is much higher than official data from Rosstat, reported in report to Prosecutor General Yury Chaika. “According to Rosstat, on January 1, 2016, wage arrears amounted to 3.572 billion rubles. (On January 1, 2015 – 2 billion rubles.). However, the size of the actual arrears of wages is much higher than official data, as in all regions of the prosecuting authorities found the organization respondents, who have shied away from supplying to government statistics relevant information, as well as employers who are not respondents state statistical observation (small businesses, individual entrepreneurs), but having a debt to the employees, “- says the report

more than 500 criminal cases on the facts of non-payment of salaries was initiated in 2015.. According to the report of the public prosecutor, public prosecutor’s reaction measures in 2015 failed to repay the arrears of wages to employees totaling 25.2 billion rubles.

About the safety of road transport

The situation in the security of passenger road transport in the Russian prosecutor general estimated as critical. “Economic entities universally ignored the legal requirements on licensing passenger transportation. They allowed drivers who have medical conditions that are in a state of intoxication and persons deprived of their means of transport management rights “, – emphasized in the report

About the violations. the sale of medicines

Prosecutor General Yuri Chaika reported that almost half of Russian regions recorded facts overvaluation limit markups to selling prices of vital medicines. “Checks legality and validity of pricing in pharmacy chains and pharmaceutical companies found overestimation of the size limits of wholesale and retail mark-ups to the actual selling prices of producers for vital drugs, failure to inform the public about the state authorities on the said allowances and prices. Facts overstatement of these allowances revealed almost half of Russian regions “, – stated in the report, Yuri Chaika

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