Friday, April 15, 2016

James Cameron has promised four sequels of “Avatar” – BBC

The director, screenwriter and producer James Cameron shared his plan to continue his film “Avatar.” At CinemaCon Show in Las Vegas, he appeared at the stand of the film company 20th Century Fox, and said that the most grossing film of all time will be four sequels, and not three, as it was planned earlier. In addition, Cameron has called the release date of the pictures

The second “Avatar” will be shown in movie theaters in 2018, and the third -. In 2020, the next – in the 2022-m, and final -. in 2023

The shooting “Avatar 2″ should begin shortly in New Zealand, but the exact date has not named Cameron. Also, almost nothing is known about the plot of the picture; before that it was a question that researchers from the Earth get to the watery world of the planet Pandora, but in the past with the release of the first “Avatar” during the concept and could change. Indirectly, the possibility of this change has warned himself Cameron

«We decided to make a great film project by removing the four epic film, each of which stands apart from the other, but together they form a complete saga” -. Lead director words edition Variety. Before that, he, incidentally, met with the owners of cinema circuit during the Screening Room and told them that the films will be high-tech and require a new cinema equipment. In addition, Cameron said that for the first time “Avatar” best watch it in the movies, but not in services such as “video on demand».

«Believe me, these films have been developed to their first look at the big screen, “- he said,

James Cameron regularly shares his plans about the future of” Avatar “, these plans are becoming more and more. scale. However, about sequels (in the plural), he said before the premiere of the first film, but only as a hypothetical possibility – they say that it is necessary that the picture was a success, and after that it will be possible to think further. With success, as we know, everything turned out fine.

«Avatar” was released in rent in December 2009, three months earned $ 2.788 billion, becoming the highest grossing film of all time .

It is, of course, and was expensive (talked about spent on the production of $ 237 million and $ 150 million allocated for marketing), but closer to such revenues could not nobody in the past six years. Closer other crept seventh episode of “Star Wars”, but ultimately “Awakening forces” is not won at the box office, even the “Titanic”, a film Cameron, the director, who until the release of “Avatar” won first place in terms of revenue ($ 2.187 billion), and Now permanently (well, relatively firmly) holds the second position in the ranking

However, the “Awakening Forces” was the best at the box office in the United States -. $ 935.6 million versus $ 760.5 million in “Avatar” and $ 658.7 million in “Titanic”, but it’s still not an achievement to which you should pay attention. Although unlikely Cameron refuses to beat it with a single or multiple “Avatar.” – Judging by his focus was on the Cinema

After the triumph with “Avatar,” Cameron announced two continuations, which is scheduled for December 2014 and December 2015, th.

Then the number of sequels increased to three, and their output was postponed for 2016, 2017 and 2018, and removed all three the film should have been at the same time. In early 2015 the first premiere of the second “Avatar” has been postponed to December 2017, and a year later, this picture at all disappeared from the rolling plans. Representatives of the Fox film company to all the questions answered stolidly that Cameron your own schedule, and offered to be patient. Perhaps, this time, the company and the eminent director turned to find a common language and yet agree to start work on the film.

On the other hand, work on the first “Avatar” It lasted for 15 years – since 1994, when the first draft of the script, until 2009, when he still appeared in the box was written

And the first time, named by Cameron was too. very optimistic – he was going to start painting right after “Titanic” and release it in 1999. But, as is now clear, was mistaken for a dozen years.

The reason for the delay of “Avatar” was named the imperfection of the then computer technology. Since then they have gone a long way ahead, but Cameron still dissatisfied with them and invest in their development a lot of money. He has both supporters – two grossing director Peter Jackson ( “Lord of the Rings” and “The Hobbit”) and George Lucas ( “Star Wars”), who also tried to surprise the viewer using a variety of technical innovations and special effects. Which of the new developments will in future “Avatar” is still unknown

one thing remained constant in this hectic -. Cast. In the first “Avatar” starring Sam Worthington (paralyzed Marine Jake Sully), Sigourney Weaver (the head of the program “Avatar” Dr. Grace Augustine) and Zoe Saldana (Neytiri Pandora native). They should appear in the sequels – despite the fact that the character, played by Weaver, died. His Cameron has repeatedly promised to revive, however, we all know the value of his promises.


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