Monday, April 11, 2016

Media: Speaker of Parliament Groisman refused to head the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine – RIA Novosti

KIEV, April 11 – RIA Novosti Speaker of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine Vladimir Groisman refused to lead the new government as it claims were taken into account, according to the Internet edition “Ukrainian Truth” Verkhovna Rada deputy of the Party. ” Block Poroshenko “Mustafa Nye.

” Chairman Rada Vladimir Groisman refused to head the Cabinet. this “Ukrainian truth,” said the deputy PPO Mustafa Nye. According to him, the current speaker of the parliament did not want to move to work in the Cabinet of the that its conditions were not met in the process of negotiations “, – said the publication

As reported by UNIAN with reference to a deputy from.” Block Poroshenko “Alexey Goncharenko, faction” PPO “and” Popular front ” did not agree with Groisman on the structure and composition of the Cabinet, and negotiations are continuing.

“this is according to the constitution, the coalition takes the prime minister and the Prime minister proposes the Verkhovna Rada. That is, it has to be coordinated position and it should It is agreed before we will vote for a new prime minister. In this moment we have not found an agreed position. For now. Therefore, the negotiations continue, “- Goncharenko said

On the background of a long political crisis, Prime Minister Yatsenyuk said that resigned on Tuesday corresponding presentation will be submitted to the parliament for approval According to him, the Prime Minister’s faction..” People’s Front “remains in the coalition deputies expected that on Tuesday the parliament will vote for the dismissal of Yatsenyuk and Rada coalition will be created:. according to preliminary data, it will form the prime minister’s faction” People’s front “and the president” Block Poroshenko “The main contender for the role of the new. premier is a speaker of Parliament Vladimir Groisman.

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