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“Crew” in 2016: a remake, where to watch online Russia – RSUTE

Moscow, 21.04.2016, RSUTE.

In Russia rolled out the film “Crew” 2016, representing a long-awaited remake of one of the most popular films in the Soviet Union. The new “Crew” took director Nikolai Lebedev in the genre of the movie-disaster. The rental picture released today, 21 April 2016, in all theaters of the country, including in popular formats 3D and IMAX.

The story of the brave pilots, to save people from the fiery hell, just it seems samoigralnym and automatically guaranteeing show strength. The viewer sees the creeps from the mountains lava glows airport, dispersed in the flame jet, the viewer is compressed in his chair – fly or not to fly ?! – And he does not think about what kind of work was worth it all to recreate the reality, how important is image integrity and installation skills

If you rely on the old “crew”, it becomes clear that the differences will occur between them. . But then the storyline will present the audience a surprise, since Goushchin and Zinchenko have to save the inhabitants of the epicenter of the earthquake of the island, located in the South-East Asia. When the crew and passengers will find themselves in an environment where work is necessary on the limit of human capabilities, once it becomes clear who is worth what.

The main role in the remake of “Crew” performed Danila Kozlovsky and Vladimir Mashkov. Their partner – also an actor known and loved – the commander of the ship Zinchenko plays a People’s Artist of Russia Vladimir Mashkov , which needs no introduction. Razbivatelnitsu hearts stewardess plays charming Katherine Spitz .

From the well-known actors in the film will be Elena Yakovleva (as Zinchenko wife), Sergei Shakurov <. /> strong> and Nina Grebeshkova

Watch online “crew” in 2016 where you can see on the Internet and movie

of course, in view of the fact that the new film “The crew” is very expected and demanded of the audience, the Internet, a large number of links, which can supposedly see the “crew” 2016 free online in good quality. However, we believe these opuses can not be, since using such measures scammers are cashing in on ordinary citizens. See the “Crew” can be unsurpassed quality in all the cinemas of our great country and the official start is scheduled for today, April 21.

«The crew of” 2016:. Trailer


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