Monday, May 25, 2015

Lithuanian TV viewers gave Polina Gagarina in third place – BBC

As a result of the voting residents of Lithuania Polina Gagarina ranked third, but the jury put the Lithuanian song Polina Gagarina on “Eurovision” on the 20th place, with the result that Russia did not get any points from the Baltic country, writes RIA ” News » with a reference to the European Broadcasting Union (EBU), is holding a competition.

« The jury in Lithuania has put the Russian song on the 20th place, and the vote on the phone she was in third place . Combined rating given 11th place, and for this reason Lithuania is not awarded any points of the Russian song “- explains the representative of management measures” Eurovision »EBU Jarmo Siim.

According to the published data of EBU detailed voting, viewers in Lithuania gave the greatest performance preferences Latvia on the second place – Estonia, the third – Russia. The jury gave the highest preference Lithuania and Latvia, on the second place was Sweden, while the third – Norway. In the combined ranking of Russia took the 11th place and thus did not get any points.


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