Thursday, May 28, 2015

USE in Russian says all Russia. LIVE – BBC

Thursday across Russia held the most massive this year, the USE – USE in Russian. He will simultaneously take 700 thousand. Students. Even mathematics, a second compulsory subject, will bring together a smaller number of participants – it is divided into two exams on the level of complexity. Over the course of the event monitor journalists and observers in the Situation and Information Centre (JRC) Rosobrnadzor. “Times” report is online.


Tolstoy was initiated cancellation of the test in the exam on Russian language – and this year it was removed. The tests are “guessing the system,” so Tolstoy described them.


From the history of the exam tickets may remove part of the test. This was announced by presidential advisor Vladimir Tolstoy.


Ingushetia report that they have everything perfectly. After listening to the speaker, the head Rosobrnadzor sighed and added, “Please pay attention to the significance of the Russian language. Because last year in the North Caucasus is the improvement of teaching of the Russian language. ” In Ingushetia, written exam 3600 graduates in 31 points.


«On the exam there is a growth of the individual,” – says Irina Tsybulko, Head FCR KIM Russian language. “Exam to become a growth point for graduates, because graduates are our future students and citizens”, – she explained. We hope now 700 thousand students will experience personal growth.


In the Crimea, only got to write, but report to the JRC: “In the Crimea, wrote the exam, only those who wished. This is not a mandatory component for admission to universities – said the Minister of Education, Science and Youth of the Republic of Crimea Natalia Goncharova. – Written exam 1.5 thousand. Students. Last year, 300 students wrote the exam ».


« Russian language magic. I will give an example. There is a saying: “Stay with the nose.” I thought it? Nose? But it turned out that the nose – it is a bribe, the word “worn”. And if you do not take a bribe, I’m staying with nose, “- said the actor Sergei Garmash.


By being prepared by Sergei Garmash.


«I am here as a parent: my youngest son now also wrote the exam,” – admitted adviser to President of Russia Vladimir Tolstoy.


Rosobrnadzor recalled that last year, 100 points on the Russian language gained 1.3 thousand. People from 700 thous.


Speaker adviser to the president of Russia Vladimir Tolstoy. “This is a test”, – he said. “Friends, parents – several million people across Russia held their hearts and pray for their children,” – said Tolstoy. He recalled that in Russia speak 250 languages. “But the Russian language – the main in our country. It is the state language, “- says Tolstoy.


The JRC serves Angelina Besedina from Voronezh, she won last year 100 points on the Russian language, now studying at MSU. She shares a secret: “This student’s diligence and skill of teachers».


Arthur Gromov hopes ask Garmash, Do not regret he that does not give the exam?


There’s Sergei Garmash!


«The use of mobile phones is not allowed. Because you can call to get the right answer, and take someone’s budgetary position in the university, “- explains Kravtsov.


In Crimea, at times increased the number of those wishing to pass the exam, said the head of Rosobrnadzor.


Organized by 5.5 thous. items of the EGE !


Chapter Rosobrnadzor Sergey Kravtsov began statement: “There is no leakage of the examination of the material at the moment there».


In Rosobrnadzor say that the number of violations in the first exam of the main stage was less than half than last year. But this year, less than the students write the exam. As explained by May 22 at a government meeting Russian Deputy Prime Minister Olga Golodets, now there is demographic decline.


In Moscow Watch zone started the exam in the Russian language. Well, away we go! All the guys luck!


Over the course of the exam will follow the observers and journalists in situational information center Rosobrnadzor. There have already settled our correspondent Arthur Gromov. He will share photos and observations.


If the exam in literature and geography on May 25 wrote about 80 thousand. Students and Finally, it was found 11 mobile phones and 18 cribs, then imagine how many violations will be revealed now that the exams are 700 thousand. man?


Today, most students losing a single state exam: 700 thousand. The Russian language is mandatory to obtain a certificate of graduation. Second compulsory test – math this year is divided into two: the base and profile levels. Therefore, even the math does not gather such a large number of schoolchildren, as the Russian language.


USE in Russian is already finished writing on Sakhalin and the Far East. Students Siberia also happy scribbling in twitter that they finally freed: the horror behind. Urals dosed two hours to the examination, and in the Moscow time zone students only go to the points of the exam. Teachers remind them – no cribs and mobile phones, or their work will be canceled. And: no admission to the university – only retake a year.


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