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The creator of “Russophobian” “Golden Mask” leaves Voronezh – a REGNUM


Voronezh, May 28, 2015, 11:37 – REGNUM Theatrical producer, creator of the award “Golden Mask» Edward Boyakov , in the summer of 2013 led the Voronezh State Academy of Arts, today, May 28, may announce his resignation.

On the possible resignation of Eduard Boyakov from the post of rector VGAI Kommersant reported today, citing at once Several sources in the university and the regional authorities. As expected, an official statement Boyakov should do at a general meeting of the Academy staff. The most likely candidate for the post of rector of the university, according to the publication, is the Vice-Rector VGAI Olga Skrynnikova .

Among the reasons for withdrawal from the post Boyakov, the newspaper notes, his entourage called false understanding of his responsibilities: “It is primarily an artist, and in the Academy he had to deal with daily routine.

As previously reported IA REGNUM , Eduard Boyakov known theater director and producer , creator of the award “Golden Mask”, headed by the Academy of Arts two years ago – in May 2013. This Boyakov was appointed acting rector at the time, when the term of the contract of Professor Victor Semenov , for many years head of the institution, has not expired. The order of appointment signed Boyakov Culture Minister Vladimir Medina .

According to the Boyakov the appointment, he was going to make the best of the Voronezh Academy cultural institution of the country, to invite as speakers prominent Russian cultural figures.

Just one month after his appointment to the post Boyakov It became aware of the allocation of the Voronezh State Academy of Arts 30 million rubles from the budget of the Ministry of Culture on the emergency and repair dormitories and academic buildings. In addition, the university was transferred to the building of the House of officers of the Revolution Avenue – in the heart of Voronezh.

Work Boyakov in the region was accompanied by a number of scandals, the largest of which was the report “Voronezh pulse”, developed by a group of experts led by VGAI new Rector. The document is called in the region is extremely controversial and a lot of discussions. After the publication of the first edition of the report of his resignation as director of the Voronezh Opera and Ballet Theatre has been sent to Igor Nepomnyashchii , but opponents Boyakov merged in October 2013 wrote a letter to President Vladimir Putin with the request to establish a commission in order to conduct an objective study of the state of the cultural environment of Voronezh.

Another idea was the creation of Edward Boyakov at the Voronezh excavator plant (the company for many years been in the process of bankruptcy), the so-called creative industries cluster. On the site over 11 hectares in Kominternovsky Voronezh area, not far from the city center, Boyakov offered to arrange the gallery, objects of cultural and educational, hotel and residential complexes, parks, shops and studios, designers and architects. Then Boyakov expressed interest of a number of entrepreneurs to participate in this project. However, the project is embodied in life and was not.

Boyakov also remembered Voronezh residents in connection with the scandalous spectacle of Tallinn Theatre No99 “Pedagogical Poem”, shown as part of Plato’s Arts Festival in June 2013. The play, by browsing more than half the audience left the hall in protest, Boyakov he rated as “very spirited event” on Plato’s festival. ” “It is about the fight for freedom, fight with their complexes, primarily sexual … And showing of these clips touched the audience excited straight … there was a wave of indignation. And the remaining audience clapped standing! “- Commented then Boyakov.

Last year, during Platonovfesta Boyakov again at the center of the scandal: the concert of the world famous Malian ethnic singer Rokii Traore he called “nonsense” and “festival-tour hack.” “Today, the Event-Hall was Rokia Traore. Nonsense. My God, how many of these “winners of the BBC World Music Award” divorced. Especially in Mali, of course. There are some offshore producer … Well … Senegal has absolutely producer, festival-touring trash. The voice of the girl is certainly the manner fioriturki African … Two chicks on the dancer-balanced vocals. Bassist in a funny hat and fashionable six-string instrument. Another black man holds the oar some with strings. Drummer good, too black. Well, one white man on a solo guitar – an elderly bearded, romantic … everything right … Producer – one that with PJ Harvey worked … In short, the “Star Factory”, Channel some … only to present music as Salif Keita same or Yusu N’Dour – far this girl … How fast food to my mother’s cheesecakes … »

The latest scandal indirectly associated with the name Boyakov occurred a few days ago. Deputy Minister of Culture RF Vladimir Aristarkhov in one of his recent speeches called theater festival “Golden Mask”, the creator of which was Boyakov containing “elements of Russophobia.” Note that at the end of last year, the winner of this award was the Governor of Voronezh Region Alexei Gordeyev.

Help IA REGNUM . Eduard Boyakov – Russian producer, theater director, theater teacher. The creator of the theater festival “Golden Mask”, one of the organizers of the “Moscow Easter Festival,” Festival of Modern Drama “New Drama”. Since August 2005 – the art director of the theater “Practice” (Moscow). The initiator of a number of publishing projects. Since June of 2013 – Rector of Voronezh State Academy of Arts.

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