Saturday, May 30, 2015

The chapter “Rosgostsirk” noted that sanctions do not affect the interests of a circus Prize «Master» – Independent online edition of “Days”

In Sochi, at the end of June this year for the first time will take place the presentation of the International Award circus «Master». Despite the sanctions, many foreign artists have responded to the invitation to participate in the activities of the award. The journalists said Vadim Gagloyev – the chapter “Rosgostsirk».

The activities of the circus Prize «Master» will be held in Sochi from 27 to 30 June, its founder is the company “Russian State Circus Company” award winners are defined in 12 nominations . The chapter “Rosgostsirk” said: “We have the first time will receive a full international project. Although initially I thought that our colleagues overseas, not all respond to our invitation. Moreover, there are political issues and sanctions. However, almost all foreign visitors declared their participation ».

According to Vadim Gagloyeva, most of the foreign partners’ Rosgostsirk” requested to extend the deadline for applications to participate, because many do not have time to register in time. However, latecomers will be able to take part in premium just for the next year, as all participate on equal terms. The circus environment, information about the award «Master» progressed very actively, so who for whatever reason do not have time to apply, will be able to do it next year, as the annual premium will be.

Also Gagloyev said ” All professional circus happily waiting in Sochi Prize «Master». The event invited guests, including Joseph Kobzon and Oleg Popov. I hope that Oleg Popov will come at a premium, although it has objective reasons why he can not come, still the man for 85 years, but we really look forward to. It is also planning a visit for the award Vladimir Medina – Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation. ”


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