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Chapter Roskino: Government funding was reduced to insignificant, but we find alternatives – BFM.Ru

Catherine Mtsituridze specifically for tell what’s inside the Russian Pavilion in Cannes

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Chapter Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze. Photo: Eugene Smurygin /

As part of the 68th Cannes International Film Festival opened the Russian pavilion, the work which told Business FM said the head of Eugene Smurygin Roskino Catherine Mtsituridze.

Tell us about the plans for the pavilion at the festival.

Catherine Mtsituridze : We have a great program this year. It’s nice that the fact that the See also: Sight intrigue Cannes Film Festival culture allocate less money, does not affect our health and our capabilities. We have funding from the state was reduced to negligible participation. Five million allocated the Russian Ministry of Culture last year, and this year the amount has remained the same. But due to the fact that the course has changed, and now the Russian pavilion is even less because the pavilion entirely – quite expensive event. It manages, according to various parameters, for different number of participants and so on, in four to five times more expensive. Therefore, we could have done without this sum, but as with the Ministry of Culture, we have always worked, we usually continue to do so. But the money that you understand, we get around the end of June, at best. This makes it absolutely impossible to work with the state, it is very complicated. But we find alternative forms of financing. This year, we concluded annual contract with JSC “Aeroflot – Russian Airlines”, which is the second year we will cooperate with the charitable foundation Gennady Timchenko and Helena. For me this is very important because they are involved in supporting and charitable projects, and projects in the field of culture, in particular their international promotion. To us it is very interesting – it is to collaborate with people who understand the significance of it all. Many think it’s important to make a movie, and really like something, it comes somewhere. And we are trying to build a structural job when especially young given a “green light.” I believe that about 25 debutants will be presented in the pavilion, let all of them be superuspeshnymi directors, but if at least two or three of them, this trip will help to broaden the horizons and open a new breath and move forward, our mission is accomplished. Especially because we have many well-known directors in this year involved and already successful co-production section. We have a very interesting conference. The program is very extensive: from conferences, presentations, press conferences before any of the formats that on the stand.

Tell us about the stand, you have a joint stand with the Foundation is now in the cinema film market?

Catherine Mtsituridze : I’ve always thought that there should be a common history, a common space in the international stands. This year it was decided that it would be better and more economical in terms of a reasonable, common representative, make one stand. I think it’s great that we are all put back. Everybody is happy. There are not only commercial projects, and art projects, art mainstream. That is, if the person is interesting Russian film, he goes and can be purchased and a movie, and this is not only a huge commercial blockbusters, although the main focus on them.

You have these two different platforms – on the Pavilion, and the stand – different budgets. Is it difficult to maintain them, in terms of economics?

Catherine Mtsituridze : On the organization of the stands has been allocated a sufficiently large the amount of the Fund to a movie, it is distributed in the nine booths at various festivals around the world. Therefore, they are paid, and the money that we saved for the organization of our stand, we have invested in advertising. We bought a lot of advertising, we have four billboard inside the pavilion, we have two large banners here on the Riviera, near the festival palace, pavilions and near the Palais des Festivals. So we have about three or four times more advertising than was the case in previous years.

In your experience, these investments in advertising pays off?

Catherine Mtsituridze : Advertising – it is always great. I believe that direct advertising investment is very important. They can not be recouped. Yesterday was a presentation TSPSH (Central Partnership). For the first time they held a presentation on a separate site – Hotel Gray d’Albion, which hold presentations by companies such as Summit, or Focus, big Hollywood studios, they took separate space and done a great international sales-agents, it was very interesting. And most of them say that what we have cool ads. They noticed our “Viking”, “Smeshariki” are referred to herein as “Kikoriki,” they noted, “Mafia”, “crew”, and they asked, and at the same time they presented these films. This is work: there seen it have submitted them, someone said, opened the magazine and formed public opinion among professionals, and there is interest. Then depending on the product, of course, they will watch movies and have to choose the films.


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