Friday, May 22, 2015

At the Cannes Film Festival awarded the prize to Russian film – the Russian newspaper

28-minute picture of Maria Guskova “Erkin Return” won the third prize of the competition Cinéfondation, which represents the work of students of film schools of the world.

Set in the deep Kyrgyzstan, this film tells the story of a guy who was serving a sentence for murder, and coming on the freedom faces a new sharp turn in his life. Shot multinational team of non-professional actors, all the dialogue – in the Kyrgyz language. How to tell a graduate of the Graduate School of Scriptwriters and Film Directors Maria Guskova presenting his paintings in the Russian pavilion, the work went long and took nearly three years. In Kyrgyzstan, the foreign crew put spokes in the wheel – the locals have decided that the Russian came for documentary evidence of harassment of Uzbeks in the country. But then the dialogue gradually got up, the picture was safely removed.

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His award Maria Guskova shares with another film, received third place in the competition – “Victor XX” young Spanish director Ian Garrido Lopez; picture is devoted to the problems of transsexuals. A similar problem is the position of sexual minorities in Latin America formed the basis for the film Chilean Ignacio Yurichicha Merilyana “Lost Queen”, who took in the competition 2nd place. And finally, the main winner got work American Pipa Bianco “Share the” – about the brutal prank classmates heroine, posted a net secretly filmed video. In essence, this is a film about our insecurity in the world not controlled by morality technologies. He received the first prize, which also ensures the following pictures show a young director at the Cannes Film Festival in 2016. Each of the prizes of this competition is accompanied by a monetary award.

In addition to Maria Guskova, the competition was Cinefondation film “14 Steps” – a 37-minute picture of Maxim Shavkina of the Moscow School of the new movie.

On awards ceremony the chairman of the jury, the Moroccan director and Oscar nominee Abderrahmane Sissako said that all eighteen films submitted for the contest, was deeply touched by the jury: did not feel that the screen goes educational work.

The nomination was Cinéfondation founded eighteen years ago to support the new generation of filmmakers, film schools maturing in the world. In this category many times students participated Russian kinovuzov and often come out victorious.


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