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“Sea of ​​Trees” collapsed at the Cannes press viewing – Russian newspaper

To receive such a favorite of the critics and the Cannes winner Gus Van Sant was not used: see “sea of ​​trees”, packed with journalists, beech hall together, furiously demonstrating their discontent.

This competition film really break out of all the ideas about The creator of “Elephant,” “Good Will Hunting” and “My Own Private Idaho.” He’s too sentimental, but violence against tear glands spectators too reminiscent of “soap opera.” It is clearly aimed at the commercial rental that would be clear after the failure of a previous painting “The Promised Land” – but I think, and the chances of success of this kind of film is quite questionable.

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Gus Van Sant does not hide that idea intrigued him his exotic: a huge forest Okigahara near Mount Fuji in Japan is known as a mecca for suicides. It pulled together from all over the world, those who have decided to commit suicide. Die here – it’s beautiful: the sea of ​​trees swaying in the ocean of air. And here we meet Arthur Brennan at a time when after a series of violent blows of fate it irresistibly drawn to this picturesque precipice. And he will go down into it, but at the last moment will meet fellow sufferer – Takumi Japanese Makamaru, and from that moment in the film goes another drama – a drama of survival. In lengthy flashbacks we see the background of what happened: the story goes the loss of Arthur’s favorite, but heavy drinkers wife Joan. From booze she was ill, but how lost, it is better not to report, not to steal one of the trump cards of the film plot.

There annoying especially overweight: These stories are not in a movie shoot, and recount eerie whisper, fantasizing All New harrowing details. Besides Naomi Watts so clumsily holding a bottle that believe chronic binges of this delightful creature is unthinkable. Yes, and an excursion to the normal forest too looks like a horror movie, made by a debutant in this genre. And rydatelnye violin from the beginning promise something terrible, long before the final opening all the cards. The surprises of the film roll in the rice out of the bag, but somehow familiar with the unpredictability of every half an hour before its accomplishment. And the only thing impressive after Massachusetts landscapes, depicting the Japanese forest – is Matthew McConaughey in the role of a failed suicide. This is his first large-scale access to the people after the selfless role in “Dallas Buyers Club”, and it works again on the verge of heroism – a great actor, ready to die, even in the phone book.

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In principle, Gus Van Sant with a flair fine artist saw in this story about human desperation blinding opportunity to recall the value of our unique, in spite of that life. In the long dialogues and monologues two Robinsons laid grain disputes staunch atheism to belief in the absolute existence of our souls. In the plot there is a clash of ideas and civilizations with each other and with the wildlife – bow should bear the truth. But screenwriter Chris Sparling, I think, is simply not thought of a genre he writes – a philosophical parable, thriller or action without sentimental television “soap”. Not defined rules of the game, he drew, made visible all its calculations and “buckles” the whole cinematic cardboard – do not believe the film from beginning to end, and even though every one of the actors perfect, in the course of the narrative has lyubitelschina taste.

However, the history of Cannes knows the case when a failure in the press room continued to be the same on the official premiere Bukanov where smokingovy people come to honor the heroes of the day and be happy with them. So on Saturday evening is sure to be a standing ovation, and the director, received his share of festival accolades, leave in the belief that journalists do not understand anything in the movie. But the press has called the “sea of ​​trees” worst films of Gus Van Sant.

It is said in Cannes

Matthew McConaughey, the leading man in the film “Sea of ​​Trees”:

“The sea of ​​trees” – this is for me a purely intuitive choice. I just starred in “Interstellar”, which was “journey here”, and now I was offered to make a journey into the depths of yourself. In addition, I have just completed a very noisy campaign associated with the film “Dallas Buyers Club” and now wanted to be alone with him – here in this forest. I wanted to think in silence, and then an opportunity to get things done – the script “The sea of ​​trees”.

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If a cursory read the synopsis – “Yeah, it’s about suicide!”. And I answer: no, this is the approval of life. I absolutely like-minded: we must live no matter what! This life-affirming story that answers many questions tormenting the people of the spiritual properties. For some, they are connected with God. For someone – a perpetual revival. This picture has turned out not to heavy and didactic – it is poetic. And who is this Takumi, met my hero Arthur was the last moment of his life – is the soul of Arthur? Or the soul of the deceased, Joan? And if there is, in reality this forest? This is the biblical story of the fire and flood, bloody wounds and death. And only after going through all of this, having gone through an act of self-destruction, my hero realizes that he wants to live “.


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