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Melts gold reserves – Kommersant

68th Cannes Film Festival ended tragicomic: Palme d’Or was awarded one of the weakest films of the competition – “Deepa” Jacques Odyara. Concerned about the fate of the Cannes gold reserves Andrei Plakhov.

The jury was as the selection: handsome, intellectuals, femmes fatales. Coen Brothers led, wonderful Guillermo del Toro, cutie Xavier Dolan, hook-nosed diva Rossy de Palma … But long been noted that when going along this exceptional company, it often takes an absurd decision of all. It happened.

Throughout the Cannes Film Festival was talking about the dominance of French films in the competition. But in the end it is as if you can understand. The French film industry is constantly fighting for a place under the sun with Hollywood at the Cannes Film Festival came to a new president, Pierre Leskyur, he wanted to support the national product, do a little import substitution. It is not clear another: how the international jury, where France was represented by one Sophie Marceau (not the strongest lobbyist), managed to give the hosts the Festival awards for Best Film, as well as male and female roles, ignoring the many truly significant films – Italian, Chinese and even American.

The winner in this scenario was the “dip” Jacques Odyara – absolutely mediocre in terms of cinematography and invested in his thoughts about the modern world. This is the story of three Tamil refugees – men, women and girls who fictitiously portrayed family and are moving to Sri Lanka to France in a problematic neighborhood, inhabited by immigrants of all colors and torn by a struggle criminal clans. Deepa works responsible for the site (such as janitor) and seeks to lead a good life, but the war, from which they fled, refugees and catches here.

63-year-old Jacques Odyar – Hereditary cinematographer , directed great movies, “Read my lips,” “My Heart Skipped” and “The Prophet”. In the latter, he found an effective genre and stylistic key to the theme of a multiethnic Europe. And even in the unsuccessful “Rust and Bone” palpable cold shine odyarovskoy masculine direction. “Deepa” and in this sense, a complete disappointment: the plot develops sluggish attitude characters are uninteresting, and only in one climactic scene where Deepa (former Tamil militant) behaves like Rambo, there is characteristic Odyara suspense.

Much more interesting than the film itself, voice-over artist story starring Antonithasana Dzhesathasana. 16-year-old, he was drafted into the army, “Tamil Tigers” fled to Thailand and then to France, became a member of the Trotskyist groups (jokes that in those years did not read any literature except Russian) and eventually became a recognized writer. What is not a subject for a documentary or a feature film? As for the “dip”, it awarded no rational arguments can not be explained, moreover, that the issue of refugees and their adaptation painful for today’s France and Europe.

Coen Brothers have given themselves understand at a press conference that was not guided by considerations of art, bringing a murderous absurdity of the argument: “We are not a jury of critics.” By the way, in the face of critics gave the FIPRESCI prize honored the Hungarian “son of Saul” Laszlo Nemes – a relevant and meaningful and formal point of view. The same picture of the horrors of Auschwitz main jury awarded the Grand Prix, the second most important. It noted two other worthy paintings – “Chronicle” Michel Franco (prize for the screenplay) and “Lobster” Yorgos Lantimosa (Jury Prize). A hint of justice was in the decision to award Taiwan’s Hou Xiaoxian classic prize for Best Director (film “The Killer”), although it has long deserved its “golden palm».

No one in particular did not mind It would be against the awarding of Vincent Lindon for his role in the social film “The law of the market” Stephen breeze. Honored Artist of France, playboy, favorite of aristocratic beauties and convincingly turned into the suffering of the unemployed. And although it could easily rival Michael Caine, Harvey Keitel, Tim Roth, still is not in Lindon. The fact that the jury’s decision, taken as a whole, show unjustified Gallic bias. The apotheosis was part of the prize for Best Actress Rooney Mara between the film “Carol” is not with her brilliant partner Cate Blanchett, and with the French Emmanuel Burke, who played in a mediocre melodrama Maiwenn “My man».

We already wrote about how a leading position in the French cinema captured the group is not too talented, not particularly charismatic, but very active women, professional women. Their activity was highly visible at the closing ceremony, where Burke went from the scene a few minutes, feeling at home there and saying heartfelt speech (Maiwenn and Xavier Dolan while wiping tears). It took longer than Agnes Varda, the grandmother of the French “New Wave”, awarded with the “Golden palm».

The jury not only dealt a slap Cate Blanchett, but also the creators of the “Youth “Paolo Sorrentino, and the film” Mountain retreat “Jia Chzhanke – the largest and most significant works of the contest. “Carol,” Todd Haynes has also become a victim of “political correctness in reverse”: prize for Best Actress (too small for that perfect picture) is divided between the heroine lesbian making a choice, and a passionate French geteroseksualkoy.

Original old paintings of Jacques Odyara was just that they violated the canons of political correctness, transforming ethnic conflicts into a universal genre and psychological case. In “Dipane” if this was expected, it did not happen. It is significant that even the patriotic French critics greeted the film is cool, but, of course, after handing him the Cannes gold did not object. Meanwhile, he was surprised Odyar fell down on his award. It is a sad joke: Well, this year at Cannes was not Michael Haneke (six years ago, “The Prophet” lost to “The White Ribbon,” and it became a trauma for the French film director). I fear, however, that under the present jury Haneke would also have no chance.


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