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Matthew McConaughey drowned in the “Sea of ​​Trees” – News

Matthew McConaughey drowned in a

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Cannes audience is very different from all the others – are made to express their opinions about the film opened and loudly. Not only the reviews or posts in social networks, and with shouts and clapping even demonstrative seats. If competition “Lobster” Yorgos Lantimosa greeted liquid quickly descended on no applause, the “Sea of ​​Trees” Gus Van Sant’s just booed. “Irrational person” Woody Allen (shown out of competition) is expected polite indifference.

Gus Van Sant’s just pitiful. After the first half of the shock of the 2000s (in the number of awards – and the main Cannes prize) Van Sant sharply slowed down – the films began to appear less frequently, and their reception was still cooler. The drama of growing up, “Do not Give Up” in 2011 took only “Un Certain Regard” and agricultural thriller “The Promised Land” in 2012, he was in competition in Berlin and received mixed reviews. The new project is “The Sea of ​​Trees” very encouraging even at the level of the synopsis. The script caught in 2013 in the “black list” (the title of a compilation of the best texts rejected by the Hollywood industry), wrote the author of “buried alive” by Chris Sparling. In the title role – Matthew McConaughey, after a “real detective”, “Interstellar” and the Oscar statuette – the star number 1 in America. All this is true, but the truth is that the “sea of ​​trees” was incredibly boring to watch.


The American Arthur Brennan (Matthew McConaughey), buys a ticket and flies to Tokyo to die in the famous Forest of suicide. “The perfect place to die” – so said Google. Faced with several dead bodies along the way, he selects a suitable boulder sits down and begins to swallow tablets – one after the other. And in any hour or two it was all over, if thickets suddenly emerged companion in misfortune (Ken Watanabe). The American immediately realizes that the Japanese had clearly worse, and decides to help and put the massacre of an indefinitely.

Les suicides really looks like the sea is dangerous and the infinite. An ideal place for existential quest and mystical insights. The script by Chris Sparling brings together two genres buddy film about survival and Action – “Sea of ​​Trees”, in essence, how the desire to die by his hands, and not the fault of the mindless and wildlife brings two strangers.

Brennan came into the forest because of his wife (Naomi Watts) – detail of flashbacks, we learn the history of the slow disintegration of a strong family. The story is sad, but unremarkable. Surprises only the timing, highlighted by her director. With all due respect to the wonderful actors – there simply is not much to look at.

Gus Van Sant has always worried the problem of death, guilt, the burden of responsibility – like crows, they circle over all his movies, but, It seems over the years the director of the harder to beat them. Voluntarily or not, the key metaphor of the film “Sea of ​​Trees” explains all his later work. And if Arthur Brennan (open right) from its Sea still swam, Van Sant is still there.

Colin Farrell in “Lobster” Jorgen Lantimosa too will wander in the woods, but it the case – not on their own. In a perfect world, the future is forbidden to be alone. All those who are not fortunate to gain family happiness alone, delivered in a special resort, where for 45 days under the guidance of experienced professionals you either find a mate, or turn into an animal to your liking. This is no joke: in the bushes roam the middle band has-beens – for example, a camel and a flamingo. Hero Farrell, a divorced architect, chose for themselves the future of the lobster – and it’s amazingly accurate choice. His silly appearance (glasses, mustache and belly) do have something of this crustacean. However, the Lantimosa all for a reason. Obviously the same as the lobster – it’s not just the unfortunate architect metaphor easily extend to society as a whole.

Photo: Lime / Paul Baranov

Lantimosa, leader of the Greek wave, always characterized by strict rationality and cold detachment. In all his pictures (the most famous – “Fang”, which took the top prize “Un Certain Regard” in 2009), he builds speculative dystopia where dissected social problems of our time. Cold calculation, absurdist humor and the ruthlessness to the consumer civilization (and human nature in general) – movies Lantimosa curious to recall and analyze, but it is difficult to watch.

«Lobster “- his English-language debut and most oddly, humane film. Construction was still cold and symmetrical – a health resort for lonely hearts opposed to the opposition, which is hidden in the woods and advocates a complete ban on any manifestation of intimacy. From violent attempts to win the love of the hero escapes to Farrell “rebels” and here, contrary to the rules, immediately he finds his destiny (Rachel Weisz). “O brave new world of” trying to turn into a satire of “Romeo and Juliet”, but unfortunately to no avail. Lantimos still loves his calculations more than characters.

Photo: Lime / Pavel Baranov

In the non-competitive program Woody Allen presented his new film “Irrational Man” – his own version of “Crime and Punishment.” In a small American college comes a new teacher, Abe (Joaquin Phoenix), a brilliant philosopher steeped in existential thought. Languid Byronism he easily wins his first colleague (Parker Posey), then diligent student (Emma Stone). But to find the meaning of life is not helping. And Abe decided on an extreme measure – to rid the world of a vile person.

Woody Allen is no stranger to retake the classics – “Match Point” was inspired by “An American Tragedy” Dreiser, and one of the short stories ” To Rome With Love “follows the story of one of the early films of Fellini. But no matter what he did, always turns out about him. Allen takes not just movies, and series-long half-century. Almost every year there is a new series where I subjects and ages, but always a hero. And it can play anyone – even a woman (Cate Blanchett in “Jasmine”). And, as in any series, there are some climax, and a series of checkpoints. “Irrational Man” – just out of the second.

Photo: Lime / Pavel Baranov

Russian paintings in this year a little bit. Two domestic short films were in the competition Cinéfondation. Two – “Welcome, or No Trespassing” and “Ivan the Terrible” – will be shown at the prestigious program Cannes Classics.

In addition, as noted by the head of “Roskino” Catherine Mtsituridze have Russian pavilion planned a rich business program. As before, the main platform to promote Russian cinema abroad with the support of JSC “Aeroflot” and Charity Foundation of Elena and Gennady Timchenko, will hold a presentation of projects for co-production and ready-made pictures. So, on May 16 in the Russian pavilion hosted a presentation of “In Focus – New Russian Cinema 2015″, in which international sales-agents
 distributors and journalists were presented the latest Russian
 film projects.


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