Friday, May 29, 2015

Gagloyev: sanctions will not affect the interests of a circus Award Master – RIA Novosti

MOSCOW, May 29 – RIA Novosti. Many foreign artists, despite sanctions, responded to the invitation to participate in the annual international professional circus Award Master, which is the first to be held in Sochi in late June, said in an interview RIA Novosti head “Rosgostsirk” Vadim Gagloyev.

The award Master, established “Rosgostsirk”, will be awarded in 12 categories. It will be held in Sochi from 27 to 30 June.

“I honestly thought that not all respond abroad. Moreover, any sanctions issue. I think – indeed, will the Russian format. Well, or neighboring countries. But it turned out that getting a full international project. Right from the first time “, – said Gagloyev.

He said that many of the partners’ Rosgostsirk” requested to extend the registration numbers because they do not have time apply. But latecomers can only participate in the award next year, because “all have to be on an equal footing.” “And there was a lot of the way, from China, from New Zealand, Australia, who did not, did not recognize the time and so on. I think I have learned and heard, because in a circus environment, we are very actively promoted. I think that just watched, waited, and then it turned out that is all. We thought that, maybe, there will be such a rush, “- suggested the head of the” Rosgostsirk “.

He added that the award in Sochi offers almost all the professionals of the circus; Moreover, the ceremony will hold special on Tuesday, June 30 since the weekend for many – the days of performances.

“There will be the invited guests. I was talking with Joseph Kobzon – he arrives. Oleg Popov invite not know , came or not, but the desire he has. There are objective reasons why he can not come, 85 years old man, but we are waiting for him. And I hope that he will come, “- said the agency, adding that the planned and the visit of the Minister of Culture of the Russian Federation Vladimir Medina.

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