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Palme d’Or awarded film “Deepa” Jacques Odyara – Kommersant

Main prize concluded today the 68th Cannes Film Festival – Palme d’Or – awarded film “Deepa” Jacques Odyara. The picture of the victims of Auschwitz, “Son of Saul” Hungarian Laszlo Nemes won the second highest award – the Grand Prix of the festival. This year, the chairman of the jury were the Coen Brothers (“Blood Simple,” “Old Men”). Together with them worthy filmmakers chose Xavier Dolan and Benicio del Toro, actress Sienna Miller, Rossy de Palma and Sophie Marceau, actor Jake Gyllenhaal and singer Rokia Traore from Mali. According to the rules of competition of the Cannes film each can receive only one award, so that the ceremony turned into a series of disappointments for those who put on the top prize for a particular film, received the prize of a minor.

Palais des Festivals on the Croisette hosted the presentation of awards of the 68th Cannes Film Festival. Palme d’Or went to Frenchman Jacques Odyaru for the film “dip.” The title character of the film, a former militant group “Liberation Tigers of Tamil Eelam,” is trying to arrange a peaceful life in France. Odyara film “A Prophet” won the Grand Prix at Cannes in 2009, and in 1996 the French Film Festival received the prize for best screenplay (“No one knows the hero»).

Grand Prix the festival went to Laszlo Nemes for the film “Son of Saul” – a tragic and (for reviews of international criticism) is extremely heavy tape of the victims of Auschwitz. The film has already been awarded the prize FIPRESCI – International Film.

Taiwanese Hou Xiaoxian won the award for best director. His film “Killer” tells the story of a hired killer female got into trouble.

best actor at the Cannes version became Vincent Lindon, who played a starring role in Stephen Breeze “The law of the market” , a drama about the unemployed. Jury Prize was Yorgos Lantimos Greek for “Lobster” – dystopia about the near future of mankind, where every resident of a city is obliged to find a mate for 45 days. Otherwise, his (or her) is converted into an animal, and exiled to the forest. Rooney Mara and Emmanuel Berko shared the prize for best actress. Mara played in the drama Todd Haynes’ “Carol”, which many predicted Golden Bough, and Burke – a love story, “My King” by Maiwenn Le Besco.

The prize for best screenplay gave Mexican Michel Franco for the film “Chronicles”, which tells about the everyday life nurse David (Tim Roth), caring for the terminally ill.

Golden Camera for the film in any of the programs of the festival was a Colombian director and writer Cesar Acevedo. His film “Land of the shadow” already noted in Cannes, he awarded France 4 channel SACD Prize at the International Week of criticism.

French filmmaker Agnes Varda received an honorary Palme d’Or for his contribution to world cinema.

Minor Palme d’Or, for Best Short work was directed by Lebanese Elie Dagher, who shot a surreal cartoon “Wave 98″.

Fairy tales, parables and predictions

Cannes Film Festival this year took place in the 68 th time. Because of its huge program Weekend I chose 10 films that already being discussed. Those paintings that intrigue is definitely more, but they almost do not know anything, so I have to wait for the Prime Minister.

As the Cannes Film Festival was a big part of their distance

The position of the leader of the first half of the contest took the film “Carol” by Todd Haynes, and marked the lowest point of another American painting – “The Sea of ​​Trees” Gus Van Sant (see. “b” of 18 May). Between them there are about a dozen films, half of which is at the level of mediocrity frail. It is a prime example (though hardly mediocrity may be vibrant) – “Louder than bombs” Joachim Trier, who was born in Denmark, working in Norway and has removed this pretentious film-drama in English. Read more

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