Sunday, May 24, 2015

Cannes awarded the French – BBC

Palme d’Or at the Cannes Film Festival was “Erran” – a film by Jacques Audiard on the Tamil militants, fighting with the French gangsters.

Jacques Audiard – Hereditary filmmaker, co-writer of “Professional” with Jean-Paul Belmondo and constant participant of the Cannes Film Festival. His first movie peculiar life-giving action-against the backdrop of the traditional notions of copyright movies. It is this, combined with a wonderful director for genre individual style, has earned Audiard Cannes Grand Prix for the masterpiece “The Prophet”. The same property led him to the Palme d’Or.

«Erran” tells the story of a veteran “Tamil Tigers”, trying to find peace, he emigrated to France where he faces the need to take up arms again.

If the picture Odiyara anyway for acute problems of migrants in France, it won the Grand Prix, “Son of Saul” Laszlo Nemes refers to no less acute, but more universal stories.

The film’s protagonist – a prisoner in Auschwitz, whose job it is to burn the corpses. Once Saul learns to die in the gas chamber, and his son, the boy decides to bury him in a dignified manner. Along the way, the viewer in doubt in the fact that the victim was indeed the son of the hero, and that if he had a son at all.

«Saul’s son” – meditation, dedicated to the anniversary of Auschwitz, which put the director, has long served as an assistant film classic Bela Tarr. This experience is probably not least helped him to cope adequately with complex topic.

Prize for Best Director was awarded Hou Xiaoxian, the picture is called “Killer” has become one of the main outlets of the competition program.

Instead, the important Social statements and attempts to reflect on European inflation feelings Taiwanese director suggested audiences and critics beautiful and exotic historical film. The action takes place in China IX century and heroine – perfectly trained killer who for reasons of public benefit tasked to kill ex-fiance.

The award Hou Xiaoxian was perhaps camym extravagant (though deserved) gesture of the jury, which this year was headed by brothers Ethan and Joel Coen.

The rest of the festival awards handed out, they say, “our».

Actor nomination divided between Emmanuelle Berco (for his role in the film “My King”) and Vincent Lindon (“The law of the market”).

«My King” – melodrama, addressed mainly to fans of Vincent Cassel, who played in the movie shebutnoy restaurateur. In the contest, this picture is obviously pleased because the director Maiwenn – former passion Luc Besson, whose previous film “Poliss” made her a favorite of the Cannes Film Festival.

«The law of the market” – the film again on the current topic of the financial crisis, which tells about the plight of the unemployed crane. Stipulate: female prize Berko shared with Rooney Mara (for his role in a lesbian retro melodrama “Carol” Todd Haynes), but zvedy “Girls with the Dragon Tattoo” was not at the ceremony, so that all the glory went to the French artists.

The best scenario was found written (and remove) Michel Franco’s “Chronicles” – the story of a male nurse with Tim Roth in the lead role. Franco as Maiwenn, combines just two advantages: firstly, it is a Frenchman, and secondly, was discovered Cannes in 2012, when his painting “After Lucia” won the prize of the parallel competition “Un Certain Regard»

Finally, the Jury Prize was Yorgos Lantimosa new film “Lobster”. Lantimos – another favorite of the contest, open “Un Certain Regard” in 2009.

Then the director won the film “Fang” – a drama about the consequences of the attempts of parents to protect children from any external effects. A new picture, in which the starring Colin Farrell especially plump and Rachel Weisz, too, tells us in a sense, the life of a closed community. We are talking about an abstract future where single people to refer to one and a half months in a special hotel for them to find a mate – otherwise, they are expelled into the forest, and from that moment they find the animals.

Recall that domestic competitors in the main program of this year was not, however, a certain Russian presence at the festival was still evident. So, to all displays of parallel program ‘Fortnight filmmakers “appears on the screen requesting the release of the Ukrainian director Oleg Sentsova that since May last year, is in custody in Russia.


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