Friday, May 15, 2015

Died BB King – BBC

On the 90 th year from complications related to diabetes, died the great bluesman BB King …

In the 90-year life from complications associated with diabetes, died the great bluesman BB King …

«Royal» surname, inherited native Mississippi Riley B King by birth, of course, have to a large ambitions. Place of birth, in turn, implies at least the minimum talent to perform delta blues. A restatement of biographies of BB King inevitably turns into something like the epic – and rightly so. It is difficult to imagine, but when the participants, for example, The Rolling Stones first came to light, King has already received his famous nickname, and was preparing to release the first single. Username BB Riley acquired while working in radio in Memphis, which escaped with a cotton farm in search of a better life.

Here he met many musicians here honed guitar playing, which became interested in the father’s house.

The result of studies by gradually become a unique manner of handling of the tool, based not only on the raw blues of the Mississippi, but also in jazz improvisation. However, to the glory it was still relatively far away. Seriously decided to launch a music career in the mid-1940s, King while earning experience and authority of the tour, and the first studio experience did not even make it to the charts. All that changed in the early 1950s, when after the release of “3 O’Slock Blues» BB King finally caught up with All-American, and then world-wide fame.

At the same time the name of the musician became overgrown with legends, the most famous of which is dedicated to the imposition of the burning club guitar “Lucille” – this name BB hereinafter called all his tools.

The world fame came to the actor, not least due to the Inspired by rhythm and blues to the British: in 1960 the walls of the London club went on shaking music The Cream, The Yardbirds and early Led Zeppelin. With the leader of The Cream Eric Clapton King associated periodic joint performances recorded double album with a respectful title «Riding With The King» and long-term friendship.

In fact, King was one of those who brought the blues with large plantations in the American markets, and ultimately this music along with songs of Chuck Berry and other black entertainers of the time helped to overcome the racial segregation.

Starting as an interpreter of classic designs, King, without seeking it deliberately created the blues as we know it.

« Thrill is Gone »,« Every Day I Have The Blues »,« Bad Luck »- all this is a modern classic that will irrespective of the actual authorship is primarily associated with the name of the king of the blues.

Due to the openness of the most diverse influences of BB turned rhythm and blues in today an integral part of pop culture. Of course, for such “populism” he lifelong was attacked blues purists, blame the artist for what he deprived his usual brutal blues spirituality. King really has delivered the music taste of the convict romance, but did not do it for reasons of popularity, but only at the behest of the heart – to see this, just look at any of his concert.


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