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Mikhalkov is preparing to launch a reality show of his own Academy – Moskovsky Komsomolets

It is assumed that it will be broadcast on the Internet

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The expansion of the Summer Academy planned by Nikita Mikhalkov 2015. The Academy of cinema and theater will be the first year course, now it is a set of listeners. Tuition will be about 400 thousand rubles.

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Photo: Lily Sharlovskaya

The idea of ​​a full, one-year Academy, which will be located in a Moscow theater actor, grew out of the Summer Academy Nikita Mikhalkov, who has worked for three years. “She convinced us that it is necessary. Unfortunately, the requirements that apply today to the filmmakers to actors, there are primitive, it is very lowers acting school as a whole”, – said the director of Tass, adding that the Academy will focus on the level of Stanislavsky , Vakhtangov, and Michael Chekhov.

In addition, he talked about the idea of ​​launching a reality show that would be broadcast on the Internet “every two weeks, once a week, so that those who are not enrolled in the academy, You could see what happens in the classroom “,” We are negotiating with some of the network media and there was this idea: to show the reality show of the Academy, to be able to see how the students change, the changing opinions of teachers “.

This Mikhalkov said that the establishment of the Academy of cinema and theater – this is an experiment, and it is not related to the state education system. “We have not gone into public education system, first of all, it’s pretty routine, and then we want to be free. We do not give the state diploma”.

As planned by the director, Academy participants will attend workshops, watch movies, stage performances, live studio life. They are invited to listen to one of the four retraining programs – “Actor’s art in modern conditions”, “Art direction for the 21st century”, “cinematography: the technology of the 21st century”, “producer – 21″. The head of acting workshop will be Svetlana Druzhinin, director – Vladimir Hotinenko, operator – Anatoly Mukasey, producer – Leonid Vereshchagin. The main requirement for applicants – Higher Vocational Education. Tuition will be about 400 thousand rubles.

The Chairman of the Union of Cinematographers of the Russian Federation also revealed that the creation of the new Academy of Cinema and Performing Arts was inspired Drevengrad village where Serbian director Emir Kusturica constantly collects his colleagues and arranges film festivals. “This village can be anywhere on the Oka River can be on the Volga, which would go the whole creative process. This could be a theatrical Mecca, which went to workshops, would be a special tea, houses for teachers,” – shared his Mikhalkov idea, adding that he has already spoken on this subject with the governors and heads of the Federal Tourism Agency, “all interested in the idea”.

Watch the video on “The anniversary of Nikita Mikhalkov: guests eat out of his hand”

Nikita Mikhalkov once again celebrated its 65th anniversary with family and friends, this time in the Cinema House. During the celebration he cut a huge cake height growth almost jubilee. As can be seen in the record, to get a piece of the Mikhalkov was glad everyone. Clearly audible, as they say, “Thank you, Nikita!”

Recall that in April this year, Nikita Mikhalkov and his brother Andrei Konchalovsky asked nearly a billion rubles Vladimir Putin to establish a national catering brand “eat at home!” format combined with a cafe small shops, the menu of which 30-40% will be composed of regional products, prepared dishes will also be on the regional commercial kitchens. In a letter to Russian President directors indicated that their project would compete with foreign networks catering to Russia (in particular, with McDonald’s), and thus “contribute to import substitution and the creation of alternatives to the western network of fast food”, and reported that asked to entrust the project to the Government Russia, given its “socio-political in nature.” In addition, Konchalovsky expressed the opinion that their network catering corresponded to the strategy to support domestic agriculture and small and medium-sized businesses in general. The costs are believed brothers, will be repaid in 4.8 years.

However, the Russian government decided that the draft national fast food chain does not require budgetary support, and will qualify for assistance programs to small and medium-sized businesses in the general order. At the same time the government of the Moscow region pledged land and provide tax incentives for the creators of institutions “eat at home.” 20 April Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said that the authors of the project will be supported at the level of “overcoming bureaucratic procedures.” A few days later, he instructed the Economic Development Ministry, a number of other ministries as well as Sberbank and regional authorities to prepare proposals. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rosselkhoznadzor have promised to support the project.

Watch the video on the theme “For a long time we did not laugh: Nikita Mikhalkov opens monument to Uncle Stepan ghost”

Arriving in Nizhny Novgorod at the opening of the monument to Uncle Stepa – policeman, director Nikita Mikhalkov found: on the site of the monument there. The sculptor did not get in touch, where a monument – do not know … I had to officially open the concrete pedestal. Video posted on the website Web user NN TV Station


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