Thursday, May 28, 2015

Edward Boyakov resigned as rector of the Voronezh Academy of Arts – Kommersant

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As predicted by “b”, the rector of the Voronezh State Academy of Arts (VGAI), producer, director and founder of the theater ” Practice “and creator of the festival” Golden Mask “, Eduard Boyakov announced his resignation. A statement he made at the May 28th meeting with the staff of the university. His departure, he explained that he could not be reformed VGAI “with the speed with which wanted».

«I was unable to penetrate the armor of bureaucracy” in an attempt to find a public investment for opening new skills and expansion of the university. Formally, the resignation of Mr. Boyakov be held on June 1 meeting of the Academic Council VGAI. He plans to attend this event. Election of the new rector of the Academy are scheduled for September.

For more information about the care of Edward Boyakov from the post of rector of the Voronezh Academy of Arts, read the material “b” “Edward leaves Boyakov Voronezh.”

Vsevolod Inyutin, Voronezh



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