Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Russians discovered Instagram daughter of Joseph Brodsky – Russian newspaper

Members Russian social networks to actively share with each other the link to the page Instagram daughter of the famous poet Joseph Brodsky, reports TJournal.

On According to the newspaper, one of the first profile of the girl noticed the rapper Oxxxymiron. His record has collected hundreds of retweets and drew attention to the poet’s daughter page.

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Anna Maria Sotstsani Alexander was born in 1993. Her father, Joseph Brodsky, who died in 1996 in New York of a heart attack. It is noted that his daughter before May 2015 have never been to Russia – on the day of the 75th anniversary of the poet (he was born on 24 May), she took part in the opening of the museum-apartment in St. Petersburg.


Photos published foxsinatra (foxsinatra)

Now Anna lives with her daughter in Italy. Media noted that it almost does not know the Russian language, as fond of his study to only nine years.

The most recent of her photos in Instagram made in St. Petersburg.


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