Thursday, May 21, 2015

Gagarin waits finals – BBC

Russian singer Polina Gagarina reached the final of the music competition “Eurovision-2015″ – together with representatives from nine other countries – and now perform in the finals, which will take place May 23.

Russian singer Polina Gagarina was the final song contest “Eurovision-2015″. In the first semi-final, which was held in the Austrian capital on Tuesday, 19 May, she performed the song «A Million Voices» («A million voices”).

In addition to her finalists become artists from Albania, Armenia, Romania, Hungary, Georgia, Greece, Estonia, Serbia, Belgium.

The final is too early to make predictions, but judging by the first semi-final, the Russian contestants have a very good chance to take if not the first, then certainly one of the prizes. Number Gagarin, during which her dress was part of the scene projected on a starry sky, turned uniquely memorable. Moreover, both visually and musically he was obviously better and brighter than the similar performances, built around the figure of the singer on a background of a rapidly changing backdrop. In this sense, Pauline, we can say, has got into the trend: Armenian Group Genealogy, Greek singer Maria Elena Kyriakou, for example, the Hungarian Boglarka Boggy Chemer were roughly on the same field, but much less expressive.

This is indirectly confirmed by the fact that Gagarin could still avoid the catcalls of the European public, and appeared at the beginning of her speech at the forefront of rainbow flags quickly disappeared from sight.

On the other hand, a song about how important it is to hear each other in the modern world, Russian singer caught another current trend of “Eurovision”.

Armenia and Romania, the past, we recall, the first stage of the competition, more or less covertly approached socially significant topics: Genealogy – to the Armenian Genocide, a group of Romanian Voltaj urged compatriots to return to their homeland, and the Hungarian Boggy made a number of anti-war «Wars for Nothing».

However, there is an exception: a Finnish punk band Pertti Kurikan Nimipäivä, consisting of musicians with Down syndrome and performed a song dedicated to this issue, in the final did not get.

As for the music, there were no sensations. All 16 rooms – this is still a set of common sites of European pop music, except that this time a little more than usual, tending not to dance music, and a soulful ballads.

The second semi-final of this year’s competition will be held on Thursday, 21 of May.

It its rooms to the audience present, 17 countries, including the favorite of “Eurovision-2015″ by the Swedish singer bookmakers Zelmerlev Mons.

It appears the 13th, almost like Polina Gagarina, the fifth from the end, and, obviously, will take place in the final part, which is not surprising with such support.

The final of “Eurovision” will be held the evening of Saturday, May 23.

It will involve musicians from 27 countries, ten of which will be released by the end of each semi-final. Another seven members known a long time ago. They are representatives of the host country – Austrian group The Makemakes, yet another clear favorites – Italian operatic pop trio Il Volo (second place according to the bookmakers at the beginning of the competition), as well as artists from the UK, Spain, France, Germany – and Australia, which He was invited to the competition in honor of his 60th anniversary. Continent from the Southern Hemisphere will present the young singer Guy Sebastian, and I want to see how the organizers will get out if he will win. After spending European song contest in Australia a little strange.


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