Friday, May 22, 2015

Depardieu told about the attitude towards Putin and Crimea – RBC

French actor Gerard Depardieu at the Cannes Film Festival to show solidarity with Russian President Vladimir Putin and former Ukrainian President Viktor Yushchenko told about his attitude to the current conflict, writes The Guardian.

«I know Putin; I really like it and I continue to visit Russia, “- said Depardieu. He also said that Ukraine was often accompanied by Yushchenko and admire its flexible approach.

«What can I say about the conflict? If the Crimea was an American, it would be another thing … In Russia, so many different ethnic groups. But I would not talk about it. Like everyone else, I was shocked, I do not like war, I do not like conflict, people are dying, “- said the actor.

Depardieu also said that Ukraine has” complicated history “, which means that” no one in this particular does not understand ».

In 2013, the French actor received Russian citizenship. In addition, in 2012 it was reported that Depardieu has acquired vineyards in Crimea Bakhchisaray district, but a year later, the then advisor to the chairman of the Council of Ministers of Crimea on the introduction of economic reforms Valeriy Kravets denied this information.


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