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Jury: The aim of the competition Tchaikovsky – endear performers – Russian newspaper

Today, pianists in the Great Hall of the Conservatory start listening to the third round. Finalists will perform piano concertos with the State Orchestra them. EF Svetlanov (conductor Alexei Bogorad). Sergei Red’kin and George Lee (USA) performed the first in B flat minor concerto by Pyotr Tchaikovsky, as well as second and third piano concertos by Sergei Prokofiev. On the eve of jury members commented on their piano nomination solutions for the “Russian newspaper”.

Boris Berezovsky , the pianist, the winner of the Tchaikovsky Competition IX:

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– I’m not the only one making a final decision, but it was not difficult. According to the latest regulations, we are not discussing anything, just give grades. And so the result. I’m very pleased. Of course, everyone will have their own regret. I have them too. For example, I voted for Michael Turpanova who plays a little bit nervous, but it is, I believe, a terrific musician. I also voted for the Polish girl Kochuban Julia: I really like their sincere game. But there were some objective claims. And all the others, for whom I voted, passed. I really liked how Daniel Kharitonov played Mozart concert. He’s a very talented guy. But the fact that everyone has their own idea of ​​Mozart, and I had noticed, who just does not play Mozart, all usually say: it’s not Mozart. There can not be total. Discuss possible indefinitely, but I am confident that the main objective of the competition – it endear performers. Naturally, all of this contest were his fans, and those who did not pass, too. And this is a very good side Tchaikovsky Competition. Despite the fact that people do not pass, if the audience loved them, that’s wonderful. Of course, I’m really glad that there was such a discovery in the competition as Luke Debarg. But the third round will decide. That way they will play. And I just want to speak to all of them, as best you can.

Peter Donohoe , pianist, conductor, winner of the VII Tchaikovsky Competition (1982):

– I I will not comment on individual participants in the game, but I will say that the technical level of the competition is very high. And when there is a level we judge, we can already focus on very different things – to the music, a pianist on the way communication with the world on his ability to feel the style on the sound coloristics and so on. And here begins the most difficult, because each of us – their own ideas about these things. That is, there really are all very subjective. But I think that our work was productive, and it seems that the public in general, satisfied with the decision, and it is unusual for the competition. Overall I am pleased with the results.


Vladimir Ovchinnikov , a pianist, winner of the VII Tchaikovsky Competition (1982):

– Each of those who did not pass, he was worthy of the finale. Affected by various factors. For example, the excitement – not all were able to cope with this terrible heat of that all felt during the competition. But the guys are young, promising, and all of them sooner or later, they say, “shot in the top ten,” and will, I think, well-known performers. We will wait for them to do so. I’m more pleased than disappointed with the results of the second round. Of course, I’m sorry that did not pass Ilya Rashkovsky and Nikolai Medvedev, but competition is competition. Very different musicians – upscale, interesting – took place in the final. And I think in the third round of the orchestra waiting for us a new competition. And we will be very hard to distribute the award, but it would be interesting to us and to the public.

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Recall that the results of voting of the jury in Round III XV Tchaikovsky Competition held 6 pianists:

Sergey Red’kin Daniel Kharitonov Dmitry Masleev (Russia), Lucas Geniušas (Russia – Lithuania), George Lee ( USA) Debarg Luc (France).

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