Wednesday, June 17, 2015

Kubana not become amber – BBC

In Kaliningrad Amber township government abolished the music festival Kubana, which was to be held in early August. The reasons for the complaints of citizens have become the police and lack of confidence in the safety of guests and participants. Festival organizers hope that Kubana-2015 will take place, and are looking for a place for it.

Rock Festival Kubana suffers another disaster. On Wednesday it became known that the head of the municipality of the village Amber Alex Zalivatsky signed a decree on the abolition of Kubana in the Kaliningrad region.

Among the reasons for official called numerous appeals inhabitants of the region and the staff of the regional Ministry of Internal Affairs.

In addition, members of the village Amber are not sure that field will be enough resources to ensure the safety of numerous guests and participants of the festival. Creator and producer of the festival Ilya Ostrovsky said in a statement that the struggle for Kubana continued throughout the last six months.

«Storm” public censure “, based on the often absurd and out of context accusations led to today’s events,” – said Ostrowski.

Among the examples of “public censure”, in particular, the organizers give a letter to the police, stating that the behavior of rock fans undermine the moral foundations of the residents of the Krasnodar Territory.

However, the organizers have not yet abandon the idea of ​​the festival. According to Ostrovsky, is now considering options of alternative sites, and the final decision about the new location will be made in the next two or three days.

«We were showered with offers from different areas and regions, offering to host the festival with them. We are trying to process all incoming information and to see if we are ready to move in this direction. The idea is to make sure that any of our decision as comfortable as possible for the guests of the festival “- quoted Ostrovsky site « Moscow speaking ».

Dates Kubana remain the same as before, and to all holders of tickets that were not satisfied with the new location will be refunded.

The festival Kubana existed since 2009; the first place of the meeting was a settlement Veselovka Krasnodar region. In six years, the audience openeyra on the Black Sea coast has increased to 200 thousand people at the festival were groups Korn, Gogol Bordello, The Prodigy, Die Antwoord and, of course, Russian musicians – “Leningrad”, “Bravo”, “Mumiy Troll», Noize MC and others.

In 2014, before the start of the 6th Festival, Ilya Ostrovsky announced that this will be the final Kubana; Later that same year, the organizers decided to continue holding openeyra, but not in the Krasnodar region, and in the Kaliningrad region.

The decision to hold Kubana-2015 Amber was taken in the area of ​​government and approved by the governor Nikolai Tsukanov.

«Kaliningrad region will become the new home of Festival Kubana, which over the years has established itself among the youth as an outstanding event. We believe that the Baltic Sea – the perfect place for this popular international festival “- then said Tsukanov, commenting on the move of the festival.

Against the festival near Kaliningrad representatives of the Russian Orthodox Church. Bishop Seraphim Baltic thought that everything that happens on Kubana – «complete degradation, corruption, alcoholism and scandalous immorality” and warned of the extreme harmfulness of such events.

In 2015, the festival program were announced Finnish band HIM, Zemfira, “Leningrad”, “NAIVE”, “Bravo», «Trubetskoy», «Animal Jazz” and a special guest – Lev Leshchenko.


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