Friday, June 19, 2015

The monument to Prince Vladimir can be transferred from the Sparrow Hills in the center of Moscow – Portal-Credo.Ru

The size of the monument to Prince Vladimir, installation location, which is determined in Moscow at the moment, will be adjusted. This will happen if the monument will be able to choose an alternative point Vorobiev mountains in the center of Moscow. This was announced on June 18, Deputy Executive Director of the Russian military-historical society (RVIO) Vladislav Kononov, Tass reported.


“Each of the sites is in exploring, and we will announce these places as soon as understand that it is possible to install a monument to the law, legal and other points of view,” – he said. According Kononov, we are talking about five or six places in the historical center of Moscow.


Depending on the size of the decision of the monument can be adjusted – 7 out of 24 meters can be cleaned by the pedestal. Also, according to RVIO, the author of the sculptor Salavat Shcherbakov ready to make scaling the monument, depending on the chosen place, because his casting has not yet begun.


At the same time, said the executive director RVIO, “Today the decision of Moscow City Council has not been canceled and legally at the moment it (Sparrow Hills), the only possible place for the monument”.


At the same time scientific director Michael RVIO Miagkov named as suitable two Moscow area – Lubyanka or Europe.


“A year ago, when we raised the issue of the monument to Father Tikhon Shevkunov, was a question of including on Lubyanka Square. As one of the places on Lubyanka Square – it would be, in my opinion, is very great,” – he said. Another suitable, according Myagkova, a place for the monument to Prince Vladimir – Europe Square next to the Kiev railway station.


The initiator of the monument to Prince Vladimir acted RVIO, it also collects public money to create it. In connection with the installation of a monument on the Sparrow Hills in Moscow started a broad public debate. Some residents opposed the choice of the place because of the danger of collapse of the slope and the violation of the existing architectural composition and offers instead a dozen sites. Some have questioned the quality of work in connection with the short period of their production. However, there are also supporting the emergence of a monument on the Sparrow Hills, for example, the movement of “Georgievtsy” gathered more than 50 thousand. Signatures.


In early June RVIO offered to the Moscow City Duma to choose another location for the monument to Prince Vladimir of which revealed in the course of preparatory work “serious concerns geological and technological nature.” For his part, one of the reasons for considering another place for the monument to the Minister of Culture Vladimir Medina called significantly exceeding preliminary estimates the cost of works. The Commission on monumental art in the Moscow City Council will discuss the transfer of the place of the monument to Prince Vladimir from Sparrow Hills in mid-July. Earlier it was reported that the monument will be built on folk remedies – far collected the fifth part of the required 94 million rubles., Receiving funds completed in 74 days.


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