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The opening of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival held in the style of the reunion – Russian newspaper

The opening ceremony of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival this year different from previous calm, quiet and measured. In anticipating briefing Festival MIFF President Nikita Mikhalkov declared: “The festival today debugged. Remember how many claims have been before. For us, stability is now in every sense is very important. Therefore, I would like to see the festival has been stable this year, too”.

Red carpet began steadily – late. And lasted the usual hour and a half, although it was not, say, Brad Pitt. Stars, mostly domestic, hurry, posed, gave great interview.

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The outfits of our stars were neither outrageous nor a “crisis.” Victoria Isakova, Catherine Vilkova Julia AUG, Vera Glagolev, Vera Sotnikova, Renata Litvinova and others looked fine. Perfectly looked Irina Skobtseva. It was isolated from a number of colleagues that Elena did Kondulainen and thanks to the white whether the mask, or a veil on his face. But one of the guests honored to bring the opening of the festival on a large pink rabbit, but somehow it did not surprise anyone. The most beautiful couple could be called Konstantin Bogomolov and Daria Moroz.

Almost all the guests do self, including using special sticks, tripods, and then laid them in a social network. Particularly significant in the genre of self acted Vladimir Zhirinovsky. “The whole world sees you!” – He shouted.

The journalists were taken “in reserve,” an interview with Andrew Proshkina, Vladimir Hotinenko and other directors whose films are presented in various programs of the festival. It does not remain without attention of the press and the program director of MIFF Kirill Razlogov. Guests discussed last “Kinotavr” (this year between festivals held only a week).

The opening ceremony of International Film Festival began with a greeting from the president of the Russian Federation, read out by spokesman of the Ministry of Culture, State Secretary Grigory Ivliev. Next on stage were three piano and the music started by Pyotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky. At the scene immediately went top five – the modern Russian cinema actresses: Julia AUG, Darya Moroz, Victoria Isakova Svetlana Ivanova Svetlana Ustinova. The texts they were classic and familiar: “The jury a difficult choice, but we hope that the working process is fun”.

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Movies contestants represented by “pangs of love” by Fritz Kreisler. Artist – Alex Stychkin (son of Eugene and Katia Skanavi Stychkin) played so pathetically that, looking at the video, I hope that the agony while watching experience one will not.

The traditional prize “For the contribution to world cinema” they left the studio. Gorky, which celebrates this year the 100th anniversary. Following ensemble “Domisolka” and Svetlana Svetikova performed songs from the best films the studio. Many noted that previously these songs sounded different. Especially hit from a Soviet film “Moscow-Cassiopeia” (“If anything, I forget, it is unlikely we will be the stars”). Space theme appears on the screen continued cosmonaut Alexei Leonov congratulated thumbnail: “Four generations have grown up on movies of the studio. Cinema allows you to dream. And the dream and the action is” – he said.

After that, scene rose Nikita Mikhalkov. “Here come the 37th,” – joked from the stage Khrushchev. And he went on to talk about sanctions, about why many of his friends did not come to the festival this year. “In the difficult times we live in – said Mikhalkov. – Fewer ideas. Fewer that touches the heart. More and more of what is to come as a shock but do not worry … No wonder one of the most important people at the festival goes to shoot in China is a picture of (talking about Jean-Jacques Annaud and film-festival opening “Wolf Totem”. – Ed. ). He wants to live air of oxygen. I urge all to go to China. I I call to reflect on what challenges surround us today “.

Immediately after these words to the stage and stood up himself, Jean-Jacques Annaud. Chairman of the jury remembered his first visit to Moscow was in the house Eisenstein, drinking tea from his cup and sat in the chair of the great director. “The same feeling came over me as I sat in the chair the jury of the Moscow Film Festival,” – he said.

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The cast prize “I believe!” them. Stanislavsky was awarded this year a member of the jury MIFF – French actress Jacqueline Bisset, who appeared on the scene like Cinderella after the ball – chromium and only one shoe. “I limp because I fell on the first night in Moscow”, – the actress admitted. And he continued: “Nikita, thank you for inviting me back. I was here 10 years ago, we had a terrific dinner with Vladimir Putin, and I came out inspired. I love movies, but when I was a child, I did not allow it look. But lets you watch the ballet. This time I have a lot to catch up, because in Los Angeles, where I live, there are no Russian cinema “.

Unfortunately, after a long opening ceremony of the few who was willing to sit in Hall two hours and watch the slow “meditative” movie “about animals and people”, filmed in China. Guests prefer to communicate with the author Jean-Jacques Annaud on the terrace. Chairman of the jury expressed his admiration for Russia as the country of Pushkin, Moscow as an inspiring city, and the prospects of the Russian cinema. In response to receiving the admiring words of the audience. Especially – on the movie “The Name of the Rose” – an adaptation of the novel by Umberto Eco, starring Sean Connery and Christian Slater. The film received in due time “Cesar” as the best foreign language.

After talking with the master, someone went to a banquet, and someone – sold to companies in the cafes and restaurants. This MIFF has been like a reunion: the opening of the festival – a great opportunity to socialize, and enjoy all that.

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