Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Not afraid of the shelling American pianist gives concerts in Donetsk – Ghhauto: Russian top stories

24.06.2015 23:46

The American pianist Valentina Lisitsa stated their desire to speak near the ruined shells of the Donetsk airport.

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The musician plans to play classical music. His desire, she explained that the composer Sergei Prokofiev, the name given to the airport back from the Donbass. Prior to its destruction – it was a gorgeous building, it represented European unity.

In. Fox believes such symbolic speech. Once the world comes against the background of the ruins, the contrast will be seen as classics will include works by Prokofiev.

Today, June 24, Fox made in Yenakiyevo, tomorrow, on June 25 in Torez.

Recall, the pianist played in Donetsk in the city, accompanied by a symphony orchestra Philharmonic on June 22 the Day of Memory and Grief. Cvoy visit Donbass it is considered important and was not afraid of attacks.

As reported by Channel One thousand people came to the concert of famous pianist Valentina Lisitsa. Works by Tchaikovsky and Rachmaninoff allowed them to escape from the horrors of war. According rontsert for Piano and Orchestra by Tchaikovsky, she played even without using notes.

Valentina Lisitsa is now touring around the world. But the concert in Donetsk, she says, perhaps the most important in her life. After all, she was born in Ukraine, in Kiev, and the whole family it came from Odessa, the Southern Palmyra.

This concert pianist timed to the Day of Memory and Mourning for the victims of the Great Patriotic War. Many people do not have enough space and they are located right on the grass, to remember the happiness of a peaceful life when the music and no shelling. Valentina Lisitsa has plans to give several concerts in Donbass.


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