Wednesday, June 24, 2015

The new film Alexander Mindadze show in Germany and the UK – KM.RU

The new film by Alexander Mindadze “Dear Hans, Dear Peter,” will be released in Germany and in several English-speaking countries, according to TASS referring to the producers of the film project.

The rolling schedule paintings in Russia and other countries is not identified. Reel of film itself is a joint production in Russia, Germany and the United Kingdom and the question goes to rent in Germany and the English-speaking countries was discussed at the stage of concluding an agreement on cooperation. But in Russia the situation is more complicated, as long as the filmmakers have only preliminary agreements with film distributors.

Mindadze started working on the film “Dear Hans, Dear Peter” in 2012. The plot is built around a Soviet worker and a German engineer Peter Hans, before the war arrived on a business trip to the USSR. The action takes place in May 1939. In Soviet factory team from Germany is working together with Russian experts. Once Hans was making a mistake, has entailed an explosion of a furnace, and human sacrifice.

The film was shot in 2014 in the Ukrainian town of Nikopol. The film entered in the main competition of the 37th Moscow International Film Festival (MIFF).


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