Thursday, June 25, 2015

Echo of the Caucasus: Leshchenko year will act in Beslan – Arkhangelsk INFO

This is the actor informed Vladikavkaz while awarding him the title of People’s Artist of North Ossetia. This sends pr-service head of North Ossetia. – And such events help people to alleviate their suffering.

«Special thanks for a benefit concert that you gave in Beslan.” The actor also visited the memorial “City of Angels” and in the ruined school gymnasium № 1 in Beslan. Here he met with representatives of the committee “Mothers of Beslan».

Speaking of Beslan, the singer admitted: “When you see the effects of the monstrous atrocities different look on life, other values ​​appear in it» …

Leshchenko thanked him for the honorary title, and indicated that, most likely, he will make his annual concerts in Beslan, “to our colleagues and comrades did not forget about the events of 11 years ago».

Leshchenko is going to hold an annual charity concerts in Beslan affected by the Chechen terrorists in the first month of the autumn of 2004.

Leshchenko shared his impressions from the visit to the Ossetian land “Within 3 days me and my creative team were on your blessed land on the scale of the action dedicated to the 70th anniversary of Victory. ” September 3 was completed rescue operations. A native of North Ossetia, Valery Gergiev conducted a series of charity concerts “Beslan”. The attack killed 334 people, including at least 180 children.


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