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What’s wrong with the second season of “True Detective” – ​​Mail.Ru

What a surprise: Rachel McAdams – a first-class police. In the second season of “real detective” she – the best. Her transition from the “bad girl” to “bad cop» – something amazing. McAdams – nervous, sarcastic loner who loves knives and does not hide his anger. His dull companion, played by Colin Farrell, she explains in a police car: “The main difference between the sexes – that a person of the same sex can kill a person of the opposite sex with his bare hands. A man of any size, which is me finds itself in a minute bleed to death. ” What Farrell replied: “Well, you know, I feminism. Me and my body does not like ».

It is one thing when the big-eyed starlet of” The Notebook “perfectly played tough cop Southern California. And another thing, when it turns out to be the most convincing actor on the show, and its storyline – the most plausible. Nevertheless, it is. New “True Detective” without her would just failed. We have before us a good old anthology series: in each season tells a new story with new actors, neither Matthew McConaughey, Woody Harrelson or in Louisiana, we will not see here. Instead, we are transported in the vicinity of Los Angeles, where trailing conspiracies and pronounced philosophical rants, a sort of “monologues Chinatown».

Vince Vaughn – neurotic mobster trying to strike up a crime and exit in the legal business. Farrell – a classic cop with problems. And Taylor Kitsch, who shall communicate to the ecstasy of American middle-aged “Fires Great Friday” – a powerful and silent male dreaming again patrol the highway on a motorcycle. “True Detective” does exploit its sexy appearance: almost all the female characters stare at his ass. But not McAdams: Its not so easy to take.

The first “real detective” was full of surprises. No one knew whether McConaughey and Harrelson turn its quite typical character in a really convincing losers who want to be compassionate. Actor, writer and director did an amazing job. The series did not spoil even the fact that the plot had no sense: a classic example of a detective, in which the main thing – a mystery, not a solution. Scorching sun Louisiana evaporated from the brain police the worst.

The new season starts slowly – at least as impressive are the first three series. Perhaps the fact that this is a show without surprises: a drama about cops in California. The main character is played by Vaughn: This criminal authority, like a drug lord to whom he also played in “Starsky & Hutch.” Vaughn deadpan face good comedy, but it hard to play guys frightening: every word he uttered sounds ridiculous, even if he was not planning to. His mafioso – before the nervous type, even wonder how he managed to ascend to the top of the underworld. “I have every minute of life and death, – he mutters. – I’m going to shit, and anyone appoint me a gun to his head and say, “Look, Sri properly!».

Farrell – a charming nerd. But does each actor must be “dark side”? He grind out any psychosexual revelation that such a person should not be. The same, only with much more reason can you say about kitsch: all his charisma disappears, it is worth it to wear clothes.

Passion series creator Nick Pitstsolatto to monologues about the world is perfect McConaughey and Harrelson. But in the new “real detective” is not acting like a duet, and they are neither here nor there.

That’s why the series and saves McAdams – the only one with whom you will not want to mess with. She even cruel boy! If anyone will tell her, “You have a serious problem, Detective,” she cut off: “I will erase these problems into powder.” And she was not joking. In general, McAdams – major discovery “real detective”, and even more surprising that it is indeed a real detective, unlike other.


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