Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Media: Doctors and nurse refused Friske shortly before her death – BBC

Doctors and nurse refused to work with Jeanne Friske a few months before her death, writes LifeNews , with reference to the singer’s sister Natalia. According to Natalia, a significant deterioration of Joan physicians recorded six months ago and stated that they could not longer help her.

«During the last five months Zhannochka condition worsened, was often unconscious, had to give up all the doctors. We care for Joan’s just me and my mother. But medication mom and before that no one trusted – do everything myself, “- shared her sister. She also said that the recommended medical nurse spent with Zhanna Friske just a day. “It seemed to us a wonderful, sensitive, but spent the night in the house one night, she just turned around and left. And Jeanne left alone. Mom saw it when Joan was lying face down on the pillow, and gasped, “- says Natalia.

The singer and actress Zhanna Friske died on the night of June 16 at the 41 th year life. Before that, she struggled a long time with brain cancer.


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