Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Opinion: Yanukovych said about the Crimea – unpleasant news for the Western media – RIA Novosti

broadcaster the BBC cut out the English version of the interview with Viktor Yanukovych fragment in which the former president of Ukraine says that 90% of the Crimean population in a referendum in March 2014 voted to secede from Ukraine: “And the people, the main thing Crimean people 90% of the Crimean population voted to secede from Ukraine. I believe that this is very bad. But it is a consequence of what has made the Maidan, “- Yanukovych said in an interview. His words were published “BBC Russian Service” from the English version of those words cut out, despite the fact that in general the former president of a negative attitude to the loss of the Crimea and believes that it would be if it did not happen.

The former President of Ukraine Viktor Yanukovych for the first half of the year gave an interview to Western media, which described the situation in the country of the tragedy, and the reunification of the Crimea with Russia “happened fact”.

“Yanukovych said that 90 % of the population voted in favor of the reunification of the Crimea with Russia, clearly did not like the propagandists of the West. This recognition of the president, a man who regrets the loss of the Crimea and said that during his presidency this would never have happened, seem convincing, because he is talking to bitter sense of loss of the Crimea “, – said on Radio Sputnik deputy director of the Russian Institute of Strategic Studies Tamara Guzenkova.

According to her, all these words are contrary to the information spread by the Western media about the mood of people in the Crimea.

“Western propaganda distributed for other information about the Crimea, trying to portray it almost held hostage to Russian aggression, constantly spreading falsified information about the dissatisfaction of the local population that the situation that is emerging in the Crimea. So, of course, 90% of those who voted “yes” are bad news. And, most importantly, the news from the mouth of the former president could be rapidly taken up and distributed in public opinion. And this is exactly what would not like Western propaganda. Because then collapses slender negative concept, which is now played in the Western media, “- said Tamara Guzenkova.


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