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As Brodsky won the “President” on Taffy – Moskovsky Komsomolets

The ceremony Taffy-2015 ended sensation

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The unity of time and place. Duration – June 25th, 2015. Russia is going through hard times. The crisis of the genre, yes. Money (advertising) is less and less. New ideas (TV) – too. So, another ceremony Taffy “Ochakovskih times and the subjugation of the Crimea” begins. Herringbone, light!

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They sat together shoulder to shoulder, the main people of our TV – Konstantin Ernst and Oleg Dobrodeev, reflecting the unity of the Party and the people, indestructible bloc of Communists and non-party. In unity is our strength! The ceremony was led former president of Television Academy, and now chairman of zits, and just a good man, Mikhail Shvydkoi. No one, with the girls from broadcasters to Darya Moroz and Olga’s greatest modern kaveenschitsy Kartunkovoy. Shvydkoi and then entangled in long dresses his co-host, but, as always, an honorable way out of the situation. With jokes and rhymes.

We started with the most important – a unit of information programs. This is a test for honesty, Shvydkoi said the first girl Catherine Agafonov. “Objectivity and complexity” – echoed it himself Fradkov that it was finally clear the importance of the event which is being asked to. Then came on stage first deputy TASS news agency Mikhail Gusman and commented on our way, Soviet-style, bluntly: “They used to say – if Tass something is said, it does not exist in nature. And now, if the TV show something – it exists in nature. ” This speech was very similar to the Caucasian toast. Perhaps Guzman wanted to relax in the hall TV community, but it turned out exactly the opposite: everything just tightened. So break the envelope, similar to aortic rupture: “In the category” Information Program “won” Vesti Nedeli “Dmitry Kiselev”. Oh, well, not so well – at the beginning of the so-pee on his head. Out Dimitri and said: “In fact, our program is not exactly news …” – “Well, then I can take away …” – shown on Guzman cherished statuette but Kiselev had held her in her arms. “We employ high-caliber people,” – he said at last, and very pleased with himself, went to his place. At this time – after hours.

The best leading information program was Maria Sittel and Andrei Kondrashov, “Vesti 20 o’clock.” What Mr. Kondrashov in a burst of joy, he said: “In less than a year and a half” News “became the most popular, that neither is on the rating.” But what, still want to know the truth about Ukraine, so who is not “Vesti”, we tell her.

But it was still the beginning. In the nomination “Documentary Project” immediately Intermedia is “Brodsky is not a poet” (First) and “President” (“Russia 1″). That’s really the real dispute between the Slavs themselves. But terrible happened: the poet won the “President”. After the announcement of this momentous fact it seemed that now the roof “Ostankino” yawn, fall to the ground and the whole prihlopnet frondiruyuschy elite. It did not happen. At the scene ran author and producer of “Brodsky …” Nikolai Kartozia almost one sneakers and wide with surprise pupils: “You know, I’m not ready.” We understand.

What was it? Once in a long long time at such a repulsive shot immediately after the “Congress of Victors”, remember? Now, nothing is carried by.

In fact, we can happily state: Television Academy, she Industry Committee, here shown its opposition not only as value. For, by voting for the “President”, following the ceremony Taffy could not be carried out, it would be merged in the same second. Or maybe everything is easier? Maybe Tele does not like Vladimir Solovyov (just can not eat!), Who interviewed Vladimir Vladimirovich? And it happens.

In the meantime, all who were wondering what had happened as he could. Especially Gennady Khazanov – so that’s that, and he knows how to surprise, bright and very talented. At the same time, no one called that which can not be called – who was defeated Joseph Brodsky in this category.

What else was good, sensuality, sign? How Yuri Stoyanov sang with a guitar. He remembered all those who left the TV men in recent years. Their portraits were on display, and people in the audience’s eyes shone with tears.

Well, the most important thing. In the category “Event TV season” won, of course, action “Immortal Regiment” (First, “Russia 1″ TV-Center). Get “Orpheus” was released People’s Artist of the USSR Vasily Lanovoi but Shvydkoi also decided to call the leaders of the channel-winners. However, bosses are shown incredible tact and did not come on the scene.

special prize this time was not alone, and many more – well, to anyone I do not forget, do not miss it. “For personal contribution to the development of the Russian TV” were marked by Cyrus Proshutinskaya Natalia Stetsenko (“What? Where? When?”), Vladimir Kondratyev (“I say, well, what do you compete with the young, not hard? It’s time to retire! The award gives base a little more run “), a producer of Said Medvedev (the same” President “), people’s favorite Leonid Yakubovich, and, of course, the documentary” Crimea. The path to the Motherland “(” We were there two heroes – the people of the Crimea, Vladimir Putin! »).

Now, personally myself, can I? So, personally and on behalf of want to congratulate Dmitry Gubernieva his biathlon Jury Aksyuta as the best producer of the season, the program “Tonight” with Andrey Malakhov, “White studio” as a major educational project of the year, “Fashion sentence” and Sasha Vasilyev, Ivan Urganta and talk show “The Observer” (“Culture”). Friends, you are doing your work honestly, and this is important. Oh, and with a twinkle.

And the best television film actor / seryl became Bogdan Stupka (posthumously). The bright memory.

Watch the video on “Taffy 2015: won Urgant, Kiselyov and Brodsky”

On June 25, the television center “Ostankino” hosted the annual awards ceremony TEFI television. Nothing sensational happened on: best evening news program – “News from Kiselyov,” the best host of the evening talk show – Urgant. Leonid Yakubovich got Taffy for his personal contribution to the development of the TV. The biggest surprise was that in the documentary, “Brodsky is not a poet” (by Nikolai and Anton Kartozia Zhelnov) walked Soloviev “President”.


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